Mr. Wiggs

Welcome to Mr. Wiggs' Website!


Welcome to Mr. Wiggs' Website! I am so happy to be back and teaching in District 201. I am a 2006 graduate of Belleville East and have always wanted to come back as a teacher. This will be my second year in the district. After leaving Belleville East, I attended SIUE to earn my teaching degree. I am currently married to my lovely wife, Hailey and we have no children at this time. We do, however, love playing with our dog, Lancer. On this website, you will find information about my Civics classes, my US History class, and my Geography class. Thanks so much for visiting my website!

Civics is a sophomore class at Belleville East and Belleville West. The content we will cover in class is listed below.

First Semester

Foundations of Citizenship

Our Legal System

Foundations  of Economics

Government and our Economy

Voting and Elections

Foreign Policy


Second Semester

Early US HIstory (Up to the Jackson Administration)

Declaration of Independence

US Constitution

Illinois Constitution


Welcome to Geography Class! Geography is offered to freshmen and is a very exciting class. We cover everything from climate to natural disasters. Furthermore, we travel throughout the whole world and see what life is like for so many different other people throughout the globe.

Welcome to US History! In US history this year we will be covering United States history from the Jackson Administration up until the present day.