Valley View Choir


We love to sing.
No experience necessary.
Join us!

Our favorite quote, "If you can Walk you can Dance, if you can Talk you can SING!"

We have grown from 9 to 40+ in a very short while because
#1.  We sound good
#2.  We are a big part of our school

I have the best students in the school.  Singers are exceptional because they put themselves out there and give the priceless gift of music to their community.  Our VVMS Choir makes our school a great place to learn by singing for birthdays, putting on flash mobs and throwing food celebrations and karaoke parties.   We make our school exceptional by singing three-part harmony with a string orchestra for Veteran's Day Assemblies.  We make our Snohomish community a better place too by inviting our community to our performances, acknowledging them with a program and giving them a special pin.  At our concerts, we put on a wonderful show with guest artists, soloist, instrumentalists, food, costumes and awesome music. 

Music and people are the passion of my life, I put everything into my students and hope that you'll join my ensemble.

Join VVMS Concert Choir, it will change your life and you won't regret it!  Sing for life!

Glee Club meets Tuesdays after school in the choir room E104.  We sing and dance to songs that fit our voicing and interest.  Join the fun!
Jazz Choir meets Tuesdays before school in the choir room, E104.  We sing vocal jazz and improvise over blues progressions.  We will be joining our Big Band for the Winter Assembly! 

Did I mention that this is the only class that gets to eat doughnuts every Tuesday morning?  Join Jazz Choir!  We need a drummer!  We need a bass player!

~~Lesson Plan so Far:

November =
D, G, A7
La Bamba
Amazing Grace
Concept Lesson:  Naming Strings 1-6 E-E and Frets 1-12 and holding a pick

December = E, amin
Green Sleeves
Concept Lesson:  How to tune by yourself and picking individual strings

January = B7
Blues Progression in E
Concept Lesson:  Musical Form (how many times to play which chord) and a new strumming pattern

February = Blues Scale
Concept Lesson:  Reading Notes with Tabs under them

March = Blues Shuffle
Concept Lesson:  Listening to Blues Solos

April = Copying a Blues Solo from Book 2
Concept Lesson:  Playing the shuffle at the same time as the Progression as the scale as the solo –It all goes together!

May = Get ready for performance for lunches on May 29th?

June = Celebrate our performance and watch our video on June 5th.
Last lesson is June 12th = Dennis plays a song for us and teaches us something cool.

Meets during lunches on Fridays in E104.