Valley View Choir


We love to sing.
No experience necessary.
Join us!

Our favorite quote, "If you can Walk you can Dance, if you can Talk you can SING!"
We have grown from 9 to 40+ in a very short while because
#1.  We sound good
#2.  We are a big part of our school

Singers are exceptional because they put themselves out there and give the priceless gift of music to their community.  Our VVMS Choir makes our school a great place to learn by singing for birthdays, putting on flash mobs and throwing food celebrations and karaoke parties.   We make our school exceptional by singing three-part harmony with a string orchestra for Veteran's Day Assemblies.  We make our Snohomish community a better place too by inviting our community to our performances, acknowledging them with a program and giving them a special pin.  At our concerts, we put on a wonderful show with guest artists, soloist, instrumentalists, food, costumes and awesome music. 

Music and people are the passion of my life, I put everything into my students and hope that you'll join my ensemble.

Join VVMS Concert Choir, it will change your life and you won't regret it!  Sing for life!
I want to start a Glee Club before or after school.
I want to start a Jazz Choir before school!