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Hello. I am Mr. Anderson and I teach a variety of Physical Education and Health classes at the High School level. I attended Chesterton High School and Valparaiso Univerisity. My Introductory power point has more information if you would like to learn more about me. I have experience using different types of technology. One technology source I will be using in classes is a powerpoint. Powerpoint presentations make it easier for me to organize my lesson plans. They also give students who may have missed classes a chance to read the lesson online. I will also be using podcasts in my Physical Education classes. These podcasts will allow me to break down different parts of activities, such as a push up, to show students the correct form. I will also be using different technology sources such as test generators, electronic gradebooks, and rubric builders during the year. Hopefully all of these things will help my classes run smoothly and allow my students and their parents to know what will be happening throughout the year. I will also be using two types of assistive technology in my classes for students with special needs. For my health class, I will have QuickLink Pens available for reading the text. With these pens, students can scan over the words in their text and transfer them to their computers, PDAs, or their smartphones. This is good for studnets who want to use these notes for writing reports. The other type of assistive technology I will be using is a computer with Braille key lables. This will help students who are visually impaired.
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