Fuerte's Notebook

Welcome to Mrs. Fuerte's 8th grade ELA class!


I have welcomed one of your most prized possessions into my room and I would like to welcome you as well.  I have been a teacher for 25 years and hold all my degrees in English.  I absolutely love my job and take it seriously- even though we have fun in class.   I  consider my room my mission field.  I am here for you and your student and will do all I can to help him in his educational career.  I strongly believe it takes the student, teacher, and parent working together as a team to be successful.  I hope I have the same support from you at home.


I want you to be excited about coming to school- especially my ELA class!  Please make sure you talk to me if you have any questions or concerns and that you keep current on all of your work.  We will grow as a family and that means I will show you "tough love" and hold you accountable for your work and behavior.  You will appreciate it, trust me.  Let's have a great year!

Additional information:

  • Please keep current on your average in the class by visiting student/parent portal.  If you are not registered for this, you will need to contact the main office to sign up.  
  • Do NOT get behind on anything, whether it is an assignment or your understanding of information.
  • When needing to view the weekly agenda, select your class below and when on the page, select our current week.  For example if we are in week two of the fist nine weeks, you will select "Weekly Agenda 1-2," which means the first nine weeks, week 2.  When we get to the second nine weeks, "Weekly Agenda 2-3" would mean second nine weeks, week three.  

The gifted ELA classes will follow the gifted curriculum from the College of William and Mary .  While each grade level has its own Common Core Georgia Performance Standards, the gifted students will study the same literature when focusing on the reading standards.  

Mrs. Fuerte