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11th Grade English

This course is a thorough study of grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.Various novel, book, and story studies will include grammar, writing, speaking, vocabulary, research, and comprehension lessons.

Past Events and Homework
Semester Exam Review
May 17, 2013
Semester Exam Review (832.96 KB)
May 10, 2013

Journals are due for a 300 point grade. There should be 15 total with the exception of those who brought can goods during the drive--12 for you. The five bonus journals will earn you an extra 25 points and no more.

Pre-Viewing notes
May 8, 2013

Class notes given for Puritanism, Miller, Salem Witch Trials, and McCarthyism. 

Pre-Viewing Notes (83.96 KB)
Crucible Round Talk
May 7, 2013

Students from each group will present their work to the class as notes for The Crucible. Everyone MUST participate! If you miss this day, you'll need to catch up using a classmate's notes.

May 3, 2013

Bell RIngers for April 29-May 3 are due for a 50 pt. grade

Crucible WebQuest (homework)
Due Date: May 2, 2013

Group assignments made for The Crucible webquest. If absent, choose one of the four groups from the webquest and complete the work assigned for that one group.

Crucible WebQuest (124.02 KB)
Persuasive Writing Assignment
May 1, 2013

Write a persuasive letter to any school official, administrator, teacher, coach, etc. that concerns an issue about which you feel strongly. Concentrate on your ability to write persuasively more than the specifics regarding letter writing. Read the writing assignment at the top of page 1237 for further instruction or hints.

No one will read these but me! Do be respectful though. Remember that while "I" can be used in this type of writing, you must still follow all other formal writing rules.

JFK Inaugural Address
April 29, 2013

Read the address p. 1228

Letter from Birmingham City Jail
April 29, 2013

Read King's Letter...p. 1232, answer questions 5-7 p. 1235 when finished

Poetry Presentations
April 26, 2013

Present Poetry Circle Visual to class

Poetry Circles
April 22, 2013

Read "Mirror", "In a Classroom", "The Explorer", and "Frederick Douglass" within assigned groups and do the following:

1. write a summary of the poem 2. note key points such as theme or main idea, speaker, setting, plot, etc. 3. draw an illustration supporting your analysis 4. list any important or unfamilar terms from the work 5. make any connections between assigned poem and real life events/issues


**IF you were absent and missed this, it is an individual assignment; choose a poem, and complete the above.

Poetry Circle Participation Grade Given
April 22, 2013
Hiroshima Report (homework)
Due Date: April 12, 2013
Hiroshima resource list/assignment specs (201.15 KB)
Essay Review Test
April 10, 2013

All essay review work "notes" due. Any Hiroshima questions/voc. done with sub Tuesday will be due. Essay Review Test given (100 pts.).

April 9, 2013

Read from Hiroshima

Review Essay Work
April 8, 2013

Essay Review Test postponed until my all essay review notes and complete any unfinished work from last week.

"Straw Into Gold..."
April 5, 2013

Complete "Straw Into Gold..." p. 1164 on your own and answer 2-6 from p. 1168 in your essay notes.

"One Day, Now Broken In Two"
April 4, 2013

Read "One Day, Now Broken In Two" p. 1156 and answer question 6 p. 1158 in your essay notes. Answer questions 1-4 p. 1159 on a clean sheet labeled "Essay Questions" and turn in. Begin "Straw Into Gold" p. 1164, which we'll finish in class Friday.

"Loneliness...An American Malady"
April 3, 2013

Read "Loneliness...An American Malady" p. 1153 and answer 2-7

that follow p.1155  in essay notes.

Essay Notes Review/Onomatopoeia/Coyote vs. ACME
April 2, 2013

Review essay/"Onomatopoeia" notes from 4/1. Read "Coyote vs. ACME" pgs. 1148-1152 as a class, discuss, and complete questions 2-5 that follow. 

Essay Notes
April 1, 2013

Label notes for this week "ESSAYS":

Read pgs. 1142-1143 and include the folloiwng in notes: definition of essay, difference between formal/informal essay, explanation of 3 purposes for essay writing, and explanation of 5 content classifications of essays. Read "Onomatopoeia" pgs. 1146-1147, and answer questions 2-4 that follow.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
March 18, 2013

Use the link to complete the assignment for Monday-Wednesday. Turn into basket when finished, or me if late. We'll be watching the film Thursday and Friday which will allow those of you who miss due to testing some time to make up the assignment.



Midsummer Night's Webquest (363.52 KB)
March 14, 2013

Follow instructions for writing deposition on p. 995. Turn in at the end of class today along with character notes from yesterday.

The Life You Save...
March 13, 2013

Read O'Connor's "The Life You Save May Be Your Own" (p. 980) and jot down notes characterizing the three main characters as well as the two minor characters. (25 pt. grade due Thursday with writing assignment).

February 22, 2013
February 19, 2013
February 15, 2013
11-20 work (127.16 KB)
CH 19-20
February 14, 2013
February 12, 2013
CH 17-18
February 12, 2013
CH 12-16
February 11, 2013
CH 9-11
February 8, 2013
5-10 work (124.31 KB)
CH 5-8
February 7, 2013
February 5, 2013
1-4 (108.45 KB)
CH 1-4
February 4, 2013
TEWWG Paperwork
February 1, 2013
TEWWG Reading Schedule (65.09 KB)
TEWWG VOC (15.67 KB)
January 31, 2013
INTRO PPT (574.08 KB)
Their Eyes Were Watching God Book Check
January 28, 2013
Student Holiday
January 21, 2013
Poetry (Cummings, Auden)
January 14, 2013

Classwork webquest due at end of class period

In Her Shoes Assignment (177.69 KB)
Short Story Trio Test
January 11, 2013
Final Gatsby Exam
November 20, 2012
Items to help study!!
November 19, 2012
8-9 question responses (15.59 KB)
Pre Reading/other study needs (15.03 KB)
Ch6-9 voc answers (14.14 KB)
Vocabulary CH 5-9 Test
November 16, 2012
CH 8-9 Reading Assignment
November 15, 2012
CH 8-9 Quiz (14.77 KB)
CH 6-7 Reading Assignment
November 13, 2012
Vocabulary CH 1-4 Test
November 9, 2012
CH 4-5 Reading Assignment
November 7, 2012
CH 2-3 Reading Assignment
November 5, 2012
CH 1 Reading Assignment
November 2, 2012
Gatsby Reading Schedule Handout
November 1, 2012
Gatsby Reading Schedule (29.89 KB)
Gatsby Anticipation Guide (Pre-reading ONLY!)
November 1, 2012

Keep in notebook until novel is complete. We'll do part two once we've read the enire book.

Anticipation Guide (25.09 KB)
Gatsby Treasure Hunt
November 1, 2012

Under "Links" on this page choose the "Treasure Hunt" link under the Gatsby category. Complete this assignment on your own paper. You'll find this answers most, if not all, of your pre-reading questions. Happy hunting!!

TPCASTT/Epitaph Final Day
October 31, 2012
Capt./Punct. Review Work
October 31, 2012

ALL cap/punc. work should be turned in by Thursday at the latest! Books may be checked out of the classroom in order to finish up for homework if necessary.

Capitalization/Punctuation Review (93.04 KB)
Gatsby Book Check
October 29, 2012

25 pt. grade

Final Research Paper Due
October 24, 2012

Papers should be returned sometime before we leave for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Rough Draft Due
October 12, 2012

There are helpful links for MLA guidlines and tutorials on this page. Please use those as much as necessary.

Slides for MLA paper set up (90.03 KB)
Note Cards/Outline Due
October 8, 2012

9 note cards (3 from each source recommended)/ outline (following attached outline template)

Persuasive Outline Template (12.51 KB)
Note Card Example (75.01 KB)
Parts of Speech Review Assessment
September 4, 2012
Signed Syllabus Deadline
August 31, 2012
Eng. 11 Syllabus (38.81 KB)
H. Eng 11 Syllabus (38.97 KB)
Parts of Speech Presentations
August 30, 2012
Parts of Speech Presentations
August 29, 2012
Parts of Speech Presentations
August 28, 2012
Albertville High School
Jessica Seay Stewart
11th Grade English
11th Grade Honors English
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