Mrs. Seay Stewart

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Almost there!! Due to the schedule changes for end of course/senior exams, we'll be viewing The Crucible. Because our regular schedule resumes Wednesday, May 15, we'll use that day to play catch up and review for our test. The test for The Crucible will be Thursday, May 16. As of today you should have all notes for the pre-viewing section of the test, so use all this extra class time to STUDY! Remember to get all make up work (which is posted on the calendar) completed by the 17th if at all possible. If you miss any part of the movie, The Crucible can be found in your textbook. The semester exam study guide can also be found in the class calendar. Hang in there:)

This course is a thorough study of grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing.Various novel, book, and story studies will include grammar, writing, speaking, vocabulary, research, and comprehension lessons.

Honors English will include all of the course standards of English 11 but on a far higher scale. Students who are placed into the course can expect to read multiple novels along with short stories and poetry from the text, writing assignments including research papers, and class discussion styled assessments among other things.