Thank you for checking the homework web site! Please remember that the homework is listed on the date it is ASSIGNED and not the date it is due. Unless otherwise noted, the homework is DUE THE DAY AFTER it is assigned. So, Monday's homework was assigned on Monday and is DUE Tuesday. If you don't understand, please check with me. Another pointer: Often, I put up homework on the web site for the week. However, I might change it over the course of the week. Therefore, checking on Monday, or printing out the week's homework on Monday, may not guarantee that on Friday, the assignment is still the same. Please check the night before the assignment is due in case there have been changes!

Please notice the date! Several weeks at a time are available on the website. Make sure that you are looking at the right date/week! If it's not the right week, click on "current," "upcoming," or "past" to see other weeks. In addition, you may notice the lack of accent marks in French assignments. The classjump website does not always accommodate them, so sometimes I have to leave them out. However, YOU should use them when you do your homework! Désolée! Bonne chance! Good luck!  

Please explore the new on-line French textbook, Bien dit!  To hear vocabulary, click on words on the pages, then click the speaker icon in the pop-up box.  There are also videos you can watch by clicking on them, and some activities have the speaker icon so you can hear them.  Check out the "premium" tab for practice activities and games.  Let me know what cool things you find to do!

In addition, search Quizlet for activities under my name, Mme Schwall.

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