Mr. Samuels ** Class 503: 2015-2016 Ability + Effort = Achievement

- If it is not hard for you to do, it will not make you better!

Hope Everyone is Having a Great Summer
It has been so hot, I hope you are staying cool, going to the beach or pool. Make sure you exercise your mind by doing the summer packet. You'll be happy you did come September.


Helpful Website

  IXL has both m ath and ELA activities that can help all students practice on their own. It is especially rich in math activities. See Mr. Samuels for help in using the site. There is a link on the right and also right here.




A Great Way to Communicate with Parents

I have set up an account on This site allows you to get updates about your child on a smartphone. You can download the app on google play for Android phones and Itunes for iphones. An instruction note is being sent home It contains an account code. Here is a link to sign up



Reading at Home

In order to improve, it is important that all students spend at least 30 minutes reading at home. Even if an assignment may be completed in shorter time,a student should engage in rereading a second or third time in order to closely read and understand the text. The first reading is to get the gist, or general meaning of the text and to find out the meaning of words not in the students vocabulary.
Students can aid understanding by thinking about what they read and understood from prior readings and then previewing the pages to be read. Previewing involves looking at the headings and pictures to make a prediction, or educated guess as to what the text will be about.
Students who follow this process will take out greater and deeper meaning from their reading.



Homework serves an important role for 4th grade students. Studies and my experience show that 4th grade students should do about an hour of homework a night. This amount can vary depending on a child's abilities. Homework helps to reinforce the lesson, gives a child practice, and the teacher feedback about the child's understanding of a topic.
It is important that parents and guardians make their children accountable for giving their best effort on homework by taking an active interest in it. This goes beyond merely asking if homework has been completed. Rather asking the child to describe what they did and how they did it.
Homework will always be posted on this website, so parents and guardians may stay aware of assignments.







rs' Trip at Year's End















Class 405 : 2014 to 2015

Sample Student Documents Rubrics and Instructions

Use this as a guide. Notice reason, explanation, evidence,analyze conclusion
This explains Answer,Reason,Evidence,Explain,Conclude
Use this to help you quote from a text. You must have Microsoft powerpoint to open this
Night of the Spadefoot Toads-Theme: Home is Where you make it. Need you MS powerpoint to open this
Use this outline plus your homework instructions to help you write a complete essay


This document has rubrics for opinion, information, and narrative writing aligned to the CCCS.
This is how your response to literature will be graded. Use it to revise

parent documents

You can review contents at anytime

General Downloads

Ready Gen 1A (4.09 MB)
Teacher's guide
ReadyGen1B (4.05 MB)
Teacher guide Mod 1B
This will help you write a response to literature

Sample Student Documents Rubrics and Instructions

Use this as a guide when you write CRA's at home.
Use this essay as a model when you write yours.
Use this expository essay as a model and guide to write yours.
These are sentences to start your reader's journal entriies

parent documents

Contact information in case we have to get in touch with parents during school day.