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olmc 1B
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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!
Jr. High Study Skills 1
School Improvement Admin.
Lisa Barks
Trish Bentivoglio
Sr. Dominica Bickerton, O.P.
Barbara Brunts
John Ciano
Maria Cossell
Kristin Cronkhite
Peggy Dermody
Jennifer Downey
Laura Farrell
Beth Fletcher
Jesica Fox
Katherine Hagel
Sister Grace Dominic Hargadon
Nancy Heidt
Patricia Hodgson
Alan Hughes
Katherine James
Mary Ann Keck
Joan King
Larry Krauser
Katie Kremer
Sr. Maria Benedicta Mantia
Kelly Maynard
Cynthia Mazelin
Sue McClure
Andrew Meyer
Michelle Minch
Ian Mullins-Zugelder
Samantha Owens
Meg Pike
Laura Pitcock
Valeria Pittsford
Mary Lou Pliley
Marilyn Rarick
Susan Reed
Allison Ripberger
Lexie Seall
Resource Teacher
Cindy Wilson
Welcome to 1B

updated January 5, 2014
I am very excited to be working with your child. I know we'll have a great year. I will keep you informed of our classroom and school events every 2 weeks on this website. News for Mar. 17-28.
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Mrs. Pliley 1B

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Library
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Gym
Friday- Computer


Mar. 18-24 Lenten Food Basket Drive
Tues. Mar. 18- book orders are due
Fri. Mar. 21- Stations of the Cross
Fri. Mar. 28 Teddy Bear Picnic

**Our Teddy Bear Picnic will happen on Fri. Mar. 28. More info to follow

March Virtue of the Month: Mercy

The Catholic Identity Committee is asking for pictures from different families showing them doing the virtue of the month on the month that they have been assigned. The following is a breakdown of families and months:

October: A-CI
November: Co-E
December: F-G
January: H-K
February: L-M
March: N-R
April: S
May: T-Z

***Protocol Training is needed for anyone helping in the classroom or going on a field trip.

Everyday Math Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why does my child learn different algorithms to solve problems?

Answer: When children first begin learning about computation, they spend a lot of time experimenting with a variety of algorithms and sharing their own problem-solving methods. Instead of simply memorizing a set of prescribed algorithms, they learn to think, use common sense, and understand the purpose of algorithms. They are then required to demonstrate proficiency in one focus algorithm for each operation--addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.Focus algorithms are powerful, relatively efficient, and usually easier to understand and learn than traditional algorithms. Once children have mastered the focus algorithms for each operation, they are free to use any method to solve problems.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Mary Lou Pliley
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