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olmc 1B
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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!
Jr. High Study Skills 1
School Improvement Admin.
Lisa Barks
Sr. Dominica Bickerton, O.P.
Barbara Brunts
John Ciano
Maria Cossell
Kristin Cronkhite
Peggy Dermody
Jennifer Downey
Laura Farrell
Beth Fletcher
Jesica Fox
Katherine Hagel
Sister Grace Dominic Hargadon
Nancy Heidt
Patricia Hodgson
Alan Hughes
Katherine James
Mary Ann Keck
Joan King
Larry Krauser
Katie Kremer
Sr. Maria Benedicta Mantia
Kelly Maynard
Cynthia Mazelin
Sue McClure
Andrew Meyer
Michelle Minch
Samantha Owens
Meg Pike
Laura Pitcock
Valeria Pittsford
Mary Lou Pliley
Marilyn Rarick
Susan Reed
Allison Ripberger
Lexie Seall
Resource Teacher
Cindy Wilson
Welcome to 1B

updated January 5, 2014
I am very excited to be working with your child. I know we'll have a great year. I will keep you informed of our classroom and school events every 2 weeks on this website. News for May 5-16.
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Mrs. Pliley 1B

Monday- Music
Tuesday- Library
Wednesday- Art
Thursday- Gym
Friday- Computer


Mon. May 5 MAP Test
Wed. May 7 Midterms go home
Thurs. May 8 Variety/Talent Show
2:00 and 7:00
Fri. May 9 May Crowning

May 12-16 All school stocks HELP
Mon. May 12 Book orders due
Fri. May 16 Zoo field trip

The zoo field trip is Friday May 16th. Any adult can come. We cannot take tag-alongs. Students must ride the bus to and from school.

May Virtue of the Month: Zeal

The Catholic Identity Committee is asking for pictures from different families showing them doing the virtue of the month on the month that they have been assigned. The following is a breakdown of families and months:

October: A-CI
November: Co-E
December: F-G
January: H-K
February: L-M
March: N-R
April: S
May: T-Z

***Protocol Training is needed for anyone helping in the classroom or going on a field trip.

Everyday Math Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How will children with advanced math skills be challenged?

Answer: Everyday Mathematics is designed to move children beyond basic arithmetic and nurture their higher-order and critical-thinking skills. Many children who have mastered basic facts and certain methods of computation will be challenged to apply these skills to solving everyday, real-world problems. Because teachers use questions to stimulate thinking and drive discussions, mathematically-gifted children are challenged to think flexibly, articulate their understanding, and explain problem-solving strategies to their classmates. In addition, because the program is activity-based and has many open-ended activities, teachers can easily make modifications to increase the level of challenge. Throughout the lessons, there are options for enrichment, extension, and game variations, all of which can provide challenge to highly capable children. Finally, the breadth ad depth of mathematics covered in the program, along with its brisk pacing, often provide challenges for children eager to explore topics such as algebra or data and chance.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Mary Lou Pliley
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