NSA French

Bienvenue aux classes de 2014-2015!

Welcome to your one-stop shop for news and info on La Francophonie at Nashville School of the Arts. (check news and calendar sections as well as Remind101 for info on study abroad and other opportunities.)

https://www.remind101.com/join/ba6e4  This is the URL for establishing text/email reminders about upcoming events, lessons, due dates, etc. 

Make Ups, ReTakes, Re-Submissions may be completed Wednesday, the 1st, during lunch and/or after school.

Check out the news article to the right! We had several award-level performances on the National French Contest/Exam! Le Concours! This year,  the        National French Contest    will take place on THURSDAY, MARCH 12, 2015. TOP SCORERS WILL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAWING FOR A TWO-WEEK TRIP TO FRANCE, AIRFARE INCLUDED!     

Please be sure to access regularly your GradeSpeed account for individual information on scores, etc. Subscribe asap to this site as required by your instructor. You will receive emails on a regular basis when your instructor adds information/assignments to this site.

To access the online student edition, go to http://my.hrw.com/

Click on your class for level-specific information concerning assignments, opportunities, etc.  You may have up to three days to submit assignments missed due to excused absences. Remember that re-takes and late work must be made up during announced lunch/after-school sessions, clean sheet, in madame's presence. Assignments may not be 'dropped off' or completed elsewhere or at another time and then submitted during this time. You must be present during one of these times and complete the work while present.

Remember that "College&Career Ready" assignments include arriving on time with writing instruments, paper, and text. It also includes staying on task throughout the lesson by avoiding distractions and contributing positively to the lesson through active listening and oral/written participation.

Grading Scale:

A = 100-93
B = 92-85
C = 84-75
D = 74-70
F = 69-50
I = Incomplete