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On this site you will find course resources for Math 106 - Applied Calculus 1.  There are links to all these resources below.  Under "Course Materials" you will find the course syllabus, the course outline/calendar, and information on the Extra Credit Program with The Citadel Math Lab.  Other resources are also available, including extra help worksheets and calculator instructions.  These will continue to be updated throughout the semester.

MATH 106 Applied Calculus I

Course Materials 106

Syllabus (16.7 KB)
Course Outline (14.82 KB)

Extra Practice - Derivatives

Power Rule 1 (52.09 KB)
Power Rule 2 (41.52 KB)
Product Rule (56.34 KB)
Quotient Rule (51.06 KB)
All Derivatives (43.23 KB)

Final Exam Review

Calculator Instructions