3rd Grade Rocks!

Welcome to Ms. Sligers 3rd grade class! I look forward to getting to know all of my students and their parents. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at
Here you will find a list of my favorite art books and websites. Please take a look at them! 1. Famous Athletes, dancers, or other kinesthetically talented people Cohen, D, & Cohen, S. (1987). Young and famous: sports' newest superstars. Simon Pulse. Learn about some amazing people in sports such as Kristie Phillips, David Rivers, and Mike Tyson in this book for kids. O, J. (1992). Comeback!: four true stories. Random House Books for Young Readers. Sorley, K, Butler, J, & , C. (1979). Ballet for boys and girls. Prentice Hall 2. Books about moving one's body using fine- or gross-motor skills Smithyman, K, Kalman, B, & Crabtree, M. (2003). Active kids. Crabtree Publishing Company. Luby, T. (1998). Children's book of yoga: games & exercises mimic plants & animals & objects. Clear Light Pub. Roche, A. (2005). Cartooning: the only cartooning book you'll ever need to be the artist you've always wanted to be. Lark Books (NC) 3. Composers/musicians Lepscky, I. (1982). Amadeus mozart. Barrons Juveniles. Nichols, J, & Nichols, J. (1992). Women music makers: an introduction to women composers. Walker & Co. Venezia, M. (1997). The beatles. Childrens Pr. 4. Instruments, singing and making music with found objects Sharth, S. (2002). Brass instruments. The Childs World Inc. Giacobello, J. (1997). Choosing a career in music. Rosen Publishing Group. Hart, A, Mantell, P, & Trezzo, L. (1993). Kids make music!: clapping & tapping from bach to rock. Williamson Pub. 5. Picture Books with songs as text to tell a story Westcott, N, & , . (1988). Down by the bay. Crown Books for Young Readers. Raffi, & Wolff, A. (1997). Baby beluga. Crown Books for Young Readers. Bernard, N, & Ann, M. (1990). The lady with the alligator purse. Little Brown & Co. 6. Famous Artists Finger, B. (2010). 13 american artists children should know. Prestel Pub. Schümann, B. (2009). Thirteen women artists children should know. Prestel Pub. Wenzel, A. (2009). 13 artists children should know. Prestel Pub. 7. Learning to Look at Art - art elements and viewing different types of art Richardson, J. (1997). Looking at pictures ; an introduction to art for young people. New York City: Harry N. Abrams. Dunn, C. (2000). Looking at art. Hodder Arnold. Brunhoff, L. (2003). Babar's museum of art: (closed mondays). Harry N Abrams Inc. 8. Drama for children - script writing, Reader's Theater links, tips for using the how to mobilize the class and create a production Fredericks, A. (1993). Frantic frogs and other frankly fractured folktales for readers theatre. Teacher Ideas Pr. Burdett, L, Shakespeare, W, & Branagh, K. (2000). Hamlet for kids. Firefly Books Ltd. Barchers, S, & Pfeffinger, C. (2009). Multi-grade readers theatre: picture book authors and illustrators. Teacher Ideas Press. 9. Theater games and activities to build public speaking skills Bany-Winters, L. (1997). On stage: theater games and activities for kids. Chicago Review Pr. Spolin, V. (1986). Theater games for the classroom: a teacher's handbook. Northwestern Univ Pr. Levy, G. (2005). 112 acting games: a comprehensive workbook of theatre games for developing acting skills. Meriwether Pub. 10. Books that would help you teach all types of arts Hartland, J. (2002). Henri matisse: drawing with scissors. Hubsta Ltd. Venezia, M. (1997). Andy warhol (getting to know the world's greatest artists). CT: Children's Press. Kohl, M. (2010). Art with anything: 52 weeks of fun using everyday stuff. Gryphon House, Inc. Web Resources Virtual Tours Virtual Tour of the Smithsonian Virtual Tour of Williamsburg Virtual Tour of Fossil Hall- Natural History Museum Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon Virtual Tour of Jamestown Lesson Resources for Teachers Crayola Lesson Plans Art Teaching Ideas EdZone - Art Incredible Arts Internet Art Children Songs and Lyrics Childrens Songs Music Town Patriotic Songs for Kids Kididdles Teachers Guide To Music Reader's Theater Readers Theater Scripts- Teaching Heart Readers Theater How-To Scripts Literacy Connections The Best Class Links for Parents- Why the arts are important Consortium for Arts Education Music Education American Alliance for Theater Education
This year in Math we will be learning a lot of new things. For extra help there are several websites you can visit to practice math facts and even play some math games. For extra practice visit IXL Math for kids, AAA Math, or KidPort For some Math fun visit Math Playground or ABCYA Math
click on link to parent information to view some information about me and to see information about the class =) Clock Drawing Test- Assistive Technology Mental Diagnostics-Prevent Memory Loss!
This year we will be reading in small groups, as a whole class, and individually. I will have a list of books we will be using shortly. For some language arts practice and fun visit these websites! Maggie's Learning Adventures Myths, Folktales, and Fairy Tales Spelling Bee Stories Online Brain Boosters

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This video introduces animals that we will be reading about and studying this year!
This year in science we will be exploring the world around us. For some interactive science activities and demonstrations visit these websites! Apples for the Teacher Science for 3rd grade Science Explorations WeatherWatch Endangered EcoSystems