Mrs. Caufield's Language Arts

To Mrs. Caufield's Language Arts Class. The goal of this class is to make you all Readers and Writers. If you are already a Reader, you will become a more insightful reader. If you are already a Writer, you will become a more proficient writer. All I ask of you is to be "fully present" during class--not just with your body but with your mind.

6th Grade Language Arts

This year you will have two periods of language arts; however, you will receive one overall grade.

General Downloads

The Fab Five (29.7 KB)
This is a technique to help students write a concise summary of a story or novel.
Describes the six traits of writing
This template explains what will go on each slide of the PowerPoint. Students must do a hand-written rough draft before going to the Laptop Lab to type. If this is not complete, then students will not be able to type in the lab. To open this you will need to have PowerPoint. To view it you could download PowerPoint viewer. Students have all been given a printed copy of this file
This is a model for the first week of the Timeline Project preparation. Students will do the same thing for three more weeks after this.
This template will be used to prepare the book review portion of the first book project
Parents and Students must sign this document for the first book project.
These are the instructions and the weekly assignment sheets for the Timline book project
Here is a list of Series Books from which students may choose.