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PLC and Microcontroller class
Couse content 01. Introducton to the Microcontroller World 02. Introducton to the Structure of Microchip Microcontroller 03. Introducton to the Pin Configurations 04. Introducton to the programing Languages (Assembly Vs C Language) 05. Interfacinng PIC MCU with Outside worlds 06. Good programming Technique 07. Register & Peripherals of the PIC Microcontroller 08. Writing to Ports 09. Delay Loops and Subroutines 10. LED Running Systems 11. Multi Design LED Drivers 12. Logical and Arithmetic Operators 13. Reading for I/O ports(Switch/Sensors) 14. Interfacing Control circuits with Microcontroller (Self Holding/Interlock/Star Delta) 15. PIC Based Multi range Timer with dual output 16. PIC Based counter with output 17. Machine Controlling & Automation Techniques Contents of Course CD C Compiler, PIC Simulator & PIC Programming software. C Reference manual. Example projects. ( PIC16F84A ) Schematic Diagrams for Demonstration Circuit Board. ( PIC16F84A ) Microcontroller & related Semiconductors Datasheets. Useful Software & Tutorials
Couse content Siemens S7-200 PLC training courses PLC history 1. Introduction to Automation System 2 Introduction to PLC systems 3. General Structure of PLC 4. Installing PLC and configuring hardware 5. Component of PLC 6. PLC wiring 7. Programming Software (Ladder Function Block and statement List) 8. Basic programming instructions 9. Timer & Counter Instruction 10. programming of control systems (Industrial motor control) Contents of Course CD PLC Programming software. S7 200 Reference manual. Useful Software & Tutorials.