Welcome to my ClassJump site. You can find a lot of info here, but the best way to know what is going on in B114 is to check in the Student Planner. Students write in their planner every class period! ~Ms. Meek

English Fundamentals (Periods 1 & 3) -- We are working on Book C of our program called Language!  (Period 1 is continuing on from last year; period 3 is leaping in at the beginning.) This is a multi-sensory approach to teaching language and reading skills.  We will be doing loads of in-class writing.  Be sure to study your spelling words each week!  Check your planner for the spelling list.

Language! Class (Period 7) -- On the road to attaining super reading skills, we will be delving in our new Language! Program.  This multi-sensory program addresses the stepping stones of reading while teaching grammar and how the English language works.  Students, be sure to read at home three times a week for 20 minutes.  That's one hour of reading a week.  You will be keeping a reading log of what you read.

Reading Fundamentals Class-- Students! Beginning Sept 5th, your homework will be to spend time (20 minutes three times a week -- for 60 minutes total) reading at home. Read a magazine or book, but be sure to read more to become a better reader!  You will be taking home reading logs to keep track of what you read.