To all my CEU students welcome to my profile. The subject on Humanities offered on the second semesters centers on its definitions and appreciation of arts, the subjects and its kind,  its mediums, elements and functions.

 It also engages the students to visit museums, conduct workshops and analysis on painting, sculpture making, music, drama through short skit, video making, photography so as to fully understand and appreciate art.

General Downloads

The topic centers on the elements applied in visual arts; painting, sculpture, like lines and its kinds, colors, spaces, shapes, forms and balance.
The topic centers on all the mediums (materials) used on the various painting mediums, from color crayons, watercolor, oil, paster, chalk, inks, pencil, acrylic and other innovative painting mediums.
The topic centers on the mediums (materials) of sculpture its nature, kinds and uses; from stones, metals, glass, woods, ethnic or innovative materials.
The topic centers on the various kinds, types of sculptures and its uses.
The topic centers on the various mediums on print making, it methods and uses.
The topic centers on the medium of music, the various musical instruments and how it is played.
The topic centers on the combined arts, music, dance, theater and the performing arts.
The topic centers on architecture, architectural designs, types, kinds and uses and how it blends and harmonize with the community. Community planning on the other hand centers on the various distributions of the centers, its functions, rules to provide order and proper distributions of the centers to harmonize with the environment.
Chapter I centers on the definition on humanities and arts, the difference between science and humanities; arts and nature, subject, its ways of respresenting the subject and the different kinds of subjects.
The topic centers on the various functions of arts, its levels and meaning, the various types and kinds of arts that are use for displays, celebrations, festivals and those that may influence behaviors.