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English 12--Semester Two

General Downloads

View the document to see the DOL and the notes from 9/19-9/20.
This worksheet will help you think about the details of your story, so that you can develop them clearly.
Here are the items to be vigilant for when editing/writing your narratives.
Read the packet to gain a better understanding of how samples are scored.
Take the introductory quiz. Read the documents and define the underlined words in each document for your vocabulary log.
View the power point and copy the definitions for each word. They will be on a vocabulary quiz.
Read the guide and translate it into your own guide that you will use throughout the semester to score your colleagues' papers.
For help with your citations, use this comprehensive list. Make sure you find the correct source type!
Use this document to help you format notes.
Look at the example and use it as a model for your outline.
Read these important items to help you with writing your narrative.
Inference Help (191.49 KB)
Look at the picture and try to infer what the situation is.
View the power point presentation and know the differences between sentence types. Be clear about the examples.