Kutemeier's Corner

Welcome to Kutemeier's Corner- Where Loving Learning is a Classroom Policy

Here are several video clips in which may be interesting and helpful for students.

Hello! Welcome to Kutemeier's Corner where loving learning is a classroom policy!  I am very excited to get to know all of you throughout the year.  I also would like you to know a little bit about myself, so feel free to browse my meet me glog!  I can't wait to meet you all in person.


This particular class section is focused on the variety of readings in which we will be doing within the classroom this year.  We will be reading an abundance of different novels, poems, and short stories.  Hopefully, the resources avaiable under this helpful link will make your reading experience enjoyable and you will continue to discover the world that surrounds you. 


My teaching philosophy is that all students can achieve anything in which they put their mind and whole heart into.  I believe that strong work ethic is the path toward success and students should in turn, express their hard work through the assignments in which they complete on a daily basis.  A student should never just simply give up, but instead explore the varying ways in which they can find an answer.  Learning is all about discovery and as a result, the classroom everyday should be a place in which students discover something new.  An English classroom is the ultimate classroom for discovery and a deeper understanding for how our world and culture as a whole function.