Ms. King's Kindergarten Class Website

Dear students, I am thrilled to be your teacher this year! We are off to a great start learning our letters and letter sounds as well as formation and recognition of our numbers! We have many fun things to learn in math, phonics, reading, science, and social studies this year. Exciting learning is just ahead and I am looking forward to watching and helping you to learn many new things this year! Remember that I am always here to help you, so please ask me questions anytime. Also, look below to find alot of wonderful links about topics that we will cover in the days ahead. Happy learning! Ms. King
Our class will learn variations of beginning math skills including: number formation and recognition, counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s up to 100, simple addition and subtraction, telling time to the nearest hour, shapes, coin values, measurement, etc. Academic Skill Builders Carnival Math Math Fun Math Practice Number Fun PBS Math Games
We will begin to learn phonics through learning and recognizing the formation and sound of both consonants and vowels. After this is completed, the class will begin to study and learn basic sight words in preparation for the future grade. Students will learn new word families using word-wheels on a weekly basis. Spelling tests will be given on these words each week. Students will also be placed in reading groups according to their appropriate reading level. Clifford Interactive Storybooks Literacy Center PBS Kids Reading Phonics Games Spelling Starfall Reading Storyline Readers
Our class will learn about various types of solids, liquids and gases, magnetic pull, perform science experiments, learn about the planets and solar system, find what is living or not living, classify animals in groups, learn how plants grow, and will learn the life cycle of a frog and a catepillar/ butterfly. Bill Nye Science Experiments Classroom Science Fun Custom Animal Bingo Game Discovery Kids Important Science Information NASA Kids Club Games National Geographic for Kids Ocean Sites Science Formula Fun Science Resources Visit a National Park
Our class will learn about the seven continents, the 50 states, patriotic symbols representing freedom, important historical figures in our nation, families, community helpers, holidays and more in Social Studies. Art History Resources Colonial Williamsburg for Kids Fun Social Studies Resources Learn about United States History Music History Resources People, Places, Events Smithsonian Institute for Kids The Underground Railroad
This is a receptacle for pedagogy and teacher-specific websites. Assistive Technology 1: Text-to-Speech Assistive Technology 2: Closing the Gap Custom Animal Bingo Game Discovery Education Resources DLTK Teaching Worksheets and Crafts E-Booklet: Amphibian Research Project ED Helper ED 508 Website Due Dates Education World Glogster EDU Web 2.0 Presentation Gradebook Spreadsheet How Stuff Works Illinois Federation of Teachers Illinois State Standards Learning Page Worksheets Multimedia Checklist Evaluation NETS Rubistar Scholastic Teaching Resources Super Teacher Worksheets Teacher Printables: Scholastic Teacher Tools Teacher Tube Teacher Website Resources The First Three Planets Slideshow Think Wave Educator TLS Books Worksheets Worksheet Library