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Free Web Sites For Teachers

ClassJump.com provides teachers web sites free of charge, where multiple classes can be managed and updated using an easy to understand interface. No knowledge of web site programming is needed to get your class or classes set up and quickly providing up-to-date information for your students and parents.
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Add Homework

Homework and events are added to each class calendar. Each homework assignment can have multiple downloadable documents associated to it.

Homework, or events that have passed are archived for you and can be re-assigned to future dates.

Calendar items can be on-going and not necessarily specific to a date.
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Upload documents to share with the class

Organize your class documents through your website. Create unique categories for them so that they can be found easily.

Any type of document, no matter how large, can be stored here and related to any or all of your classes with ease.

There are no limits to file size, or storage here. Upload as many as you need to and often as you like.
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Post upcoming events to your calendar

Events can be added to your calendar in the same way as homework. These can be on-going, or just set for one day.

If you have documents that need to be downloaded for certain events, you can add these to any calendar event.
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Post articles of interest and links to resources

Each teacher site comes with unlimited news articles that you can add at any time. Your news can have multiple photographs and can contain links to outside reference materials.

You can also add links to your site, which can be organized into categories of interest.
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Receive documents uploaded by students

Once a student has an online account, they can log in and upload documents for you. Once you have received a student document, you can turn around and send that document back to the student with your comments.

Students can also leave you messages that you can pick up at any time. You can also send a private message to a student that they will see when they log in.
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Start a class message board for you and your students

Class message boards are great! You can make them public (anyone can participate) or private (only you and your students can participate).

Add as many topic threads as you like and then read the replies as they are posted in real-time.

The message board contains a "quote" option, where you can comment on a particular post within the topic.
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Create unlimited photo albums

Photo albums are a great way to share pictures with the class. There are no limits here. Add as many different albums as you like and as many images to those albums as you feel like.

Photo albums can be password protected, so that only the people you want to see them, can see them.

For Students

  • Create your own account here
  • Relate yourself to all your classes
  • View your own calendar of homework and events
  • Upload documents for yourself and/or your teachers
  • Participate in the class message boards
Try it out!
Since teacher web sites are offered free of charge, feel free to set one up and try it out for yourself. If you find it beneficial, that's great. If you find that it's not for you, then no harm done.
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ClassJump is a non-profit

ClassJump is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity. The site remains free for all schools, regardless of location or curriculum through private donations. ClassJump does not engage in any political activities and there is no agenda here, except for the support of schools, teachers and students.

There is no advertising on Classjump.com

One of the founding principles of ClassJump is that advertising should not be part of an educational environment. If you have arrived here looking for ways to market products to students or teachers, you'll want to look elsewhere.

Classjump does not share any of the information collected here.

Since the advent of social media, participants in online interactivity have discovered that the cost of using social services is handing over a great deal of their personal information. ClassJump has no interest in the personal information of our users, either individually or in aggregate. Information that is stored here, such as names, email addresses, locations, ect is never shared with anyone for any price.

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