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How Companies Learn Your Secrets

In his February 12, 2012 New York Times Magazine article, "How Companies Learn Your Secrets," Charles Duhigg discusses our habits and how companies are tracking our habits to maximize their profits.  You can access the article at:


Charles Dughigg is the author of The Power of Habit:  Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, a book I highly recommend.

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Welcome to Global History and Geography IV.  We start our term by looking at World War II and the start of the Cold War.  As we examine global developments after World War II, we will try to determine why world events occur the way they do.  We will study how dictatorships rise, and how people, at great personal risk, challenge those dictatorships.  A theme throughout the course will be human rights.  We will study terrible human rights violations and the challenges the world faces in trying to prevent human rights abuses from continuing.  Many other topics are included in the course and the units we cover are listed in the syllabus (see Downloads).
It is important for you to understand what is required for success in this class.  This is the fourth term of a four-term course that will terminate in June of 2014 in a Regents examination.  The examination will include all material covered in Global I, Global II, Global III and Global IV.  (Remember to save all of your notes, handouts, exams, and quizzes from these courses.)  Success in this class is up to you.  Familiarize yourself with the course outline and the course requirements and work to fulfill the expectations.  Should you encounter any difficulty during the term, please speak to me.

General Downloads

Take time to review the attached powerpoint. Let me know of any criticism you have so I can improve it.
Some ideas for your media watch. All programs must conform to task/rubric.
China Profile (22.02 KB)
Africa Profile (22.53 KB)
Iran Profile (22.53 KB)
Iraq Profile (20.99 KB)
This document reviews the rules of writing social studies essays. Review it before each essay exam.
This is the assignment for your essay on a presidential decision. The essay is due in class on Tuesday, Dec. 22nd.
Pinochet's Chile
This document is available to you to assist you in writing letters regarding your city/state issue. There are two pages: the first page describes how to write a business letter, the second page is an example of the business letter format.