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Welcome to the homepage for the Great River School visual art department. Enjoy exploring the documentation of student projects throughout the year.
Our class will express ideas using clay. We will learn the craft and technical aspects of Clay and ceramics. We will practice researching styles and history of 3D art. We will critique and learn how to analyze a piece of artwork, as well as documenting ideas through drawing. At the end of the term, students will choose independent projects in their own media to create a researched piece.
to see student work, please visit: IB Art is an advanced course in which the process is equal to the product. Emphasis is placed on the history, research, and production of studio work. Our focus will be on the development and in-depth use of an independent research workbook detailing your ideas, observations, research, and critiques. Your research is in the the core elements of art concepts, criticism and analysis, acquisition of technical skills, and the relationship of art to social, cultural and historical context.
This class will explore 2 dimensional arts: design, composition, drawing, painting and collage. We will use pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor, acrylics and experimental materials. Our work will range from illustration of what we see to representation of how we feel and think. We will learn how to analyze design and composition, as we discuss how images represent ideas.
Any one can learn how to draw! We will learn how to look at the world through shape, tone and line. Students will practice finding ease in making marks on the page without apprehension. This course will explore drawing through ink, pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastel, and watercolor.We will learn the skills that are required to express visual ideas clearly.