MS.G's Class

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 School Year!!!!

Hi everyone! This will be where you can pick up information from my class. Homework will be posted here. I will also post projects and things to remember. This will be helpful if you are absent or if I am absent. You can e-mail me at Just so everyone knows, you can only log on to your class. You will only be able to use your given name, no nicknames, and if I do not recognize you, I will delete you from the site. FYI This is a Language Arts class...All final essays must be written in PEN or typed please...I will no longer accept things written in Pencil. Parents and students can use this site to keep up with the classes throughout the year..... In case anyone would like to order Scholastic Books online, here is the code for our classes. This will allow us to get the Bonus points so we can get more books. Now and again we may add things to a "wish list" (stuff we would love to have) ... Go to and use the code: HCKXL It a good way to order books and not have to worry about money getting lost on the way to school. Thanks parents!!!!

This is Ms. G's Language Arts class
This is Ms. G's Language Arts Class
This is Ms. G's Art class
This is the ESL class  with Ms. G and Ms. Horn

General Downloads

Y- chart (8.83 KB)
This is the Y- chart for "the fun they had"
This is the Compare and Contrast sheet for the UFT backpack article and "The fun They had" story
This is the power point lesson from July 16th. Take notes from this to help comple the essay you will write.
this is the stuff you will need for the reading assignment over the summer
list of great books to read over the summmer
Clunks (125.17 KB)
This was the sheet we used for the clinks and clunks lesson
This was the rubric for the Clinks and Clunks lesson
Cooperative (140.82 KB)
This is another sheet from the Clink and Clunk lesson
K-W-L Graph (161.85 KB)
THis is the K-W-L graph from the Clink and Clunk lesson
These are the questions for the book "Chasing Lincoln's Killer"... In case you lose the sheet.
This is the guide to help with the suspect list for "Chasing Lincoln's Killer" ...It is here in case you lose it.
This packet will be your essential tool after you complete a book. You will need to read both fiction and nonfiction throughout the school year. You will complete the writing assignments in intervals of 5. The due dates are also listed. You can print out the whole packet (11 pages) or refers back to it and print what you need. THese assignements are mandatory and will be part of the grade.
This is the complete story in a PDF file
this will help with the graphic novel book report .... make them double sided and don't use marker because it bleeds through
This is the lesson from the other day explaining the expository essay...hope it will be helpful with the work
This is the Graphic Organizer from Tuesday that Ms. Demeglio worked on. If you lost it on need another one to work through other essays her it is.
Fiction Terms (49.66 KB)
This is a VERY handy worksheet. These terms will help get a student through the ELA exam. All of these terms are ususally asked on the test. Knowing these can make the difference!!!
This is the OLD Daily Reading Log. I am keeping it here in case we ever need it.. I can't throw anything away!!!