Hello Seniors!

This site will be used to post all due dates for tests &notebooks. I will also post lecture notes, study guides, & various class activities. All assignments will be posted according to the assigned unit.

Remember to check this site daily! If you are absent and an assignment or notes are posted than I still expected you to have the work completed when you return.

If you need to go back and see past assignments then simply click on "past assignments" and it will show units that we have already completed.

At the bottom of the page you will see a section labled "Class Downloads" you will find a copy of the course syllabus and instructions on how to view the textbook online.

Thanks & Good Luck,

Mr. Franzen

Economics Semester II 2014-2015

General Downloads

Use this as your table of contents for your notebook
If you do not have PowerPoint you can download this free viewer program through Microsoft