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Welcome to Ms. Fairhead's online homework page. Here you can find the latest info on upcoming assignments. Please check back often as long-term assignments may have due dates modified. Assignments are also listed in the classroom on the whiteboard. Thank you!
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In a rigorous and more challenging curriculum, students focus on reviewing and strengthening basic grammar concepts, etymology, and writing skills. In addition, students read and interpret several types of literature: novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, and plays. THE HONORS ENGLISH PROGRAM This four year program provides a challenge for students who wish to advance their English skills at a more accelerated rate than that offered by the standard college preparatory program. Students should have an avid interest in literature, a sound grasp of the fundamentals of formal grammar, and the ability to write well-organized, clear formal essays. Students read approximately twice as much literature as those in the non-honors program and write more challenging essays. In addition, students prepare for the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition exam. Vocabulary and grammar remain an integral part of the program. Prerequisite: Admission into the Honors Program is considered throughout the academic year. Only those students who have their English teachers’ approval may be added to an honors roster. To qualify for approval, students must, in the opinion of their teachers, have both the work ethic and interpretive skills needed to succeed in Honors English.

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The focus of this course is an introduction to the literary genres of short story, poetry, novel, and drama as well as a comprehensive grammar review. Students study mythology, etymology, and composition writing.

Do nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs all seem the same? Does sentence diagramming leave you baffled? Do you need a quick refresher course before school starts? Let us help you unravel the mysteries of the parts of speech, noun functions, and diagramming in the “Fun With Grammar” class offered this summer. This is an eight day class that will not only get you ready for freshman English, but it will also give you a head start meeting other freshmen starting St. Francis in the fall. Come learn the basics of grammar or just review in a fun way through interactive games using the Promethean Board.
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Students study British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present.  Students continue reading various types of literature and writing critical analysis papers.  Students learn and practice finer points of grammar and writing style, and they continue expanding their vocabulary.  The writing assignments will vary, but will include expository, argumentative, analytical, and creative writing.