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Welcome to Boonton Health and P.E. Winning is MORE than the final score It is how you feel at the end of the day! The Boonton School District will become a model of educational excellence where at a minimum, all students will achieve the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards at all grade levels and each of our schools will become the pride of the community and a resource for districts in the country, state and beyond Physical Education Policy has changed please review notice that was sent home with your son/daughter first day of class

Driver's Education is the theory based course to teach students all the information needed to drive safely and pass the NJ State Driving Exam. At the conclusion of this course, all students will have the opportunity to take the State Exam and receive a card enabling them to obtain their permit when they reach the required age.
These plans are to be used only in the case that school is closed due to swine flu. Each day you are to upload the assignment according to your appropriate class. All assignments will be due upon returning to school.
Boonton High School 11th Grade Health Syllabus Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome to 11th grade health. Students will be engaging in a great deal of information and topics throughout this coming marking period. Students will be involved in discussions, note taking, tests/quizzes and will be required to write reaction papers to each video that is shown during class. All students have access to www.classjump.com to check on missing work. Students will be taught using a number of different teaching styles and techniques such as lectures, debates, open discussion, tests/quizzes and projects involving use of the internet. Students are also required to use his/her writing skills to produce multiple 2-page reaction papers and written assignments. We will be discussing the topics throughout the marking period. •First Aid •CPR •Mental Disorders Movie:As Good As It Gets Movie:A Beutiful Mind •Birth Control •Drugs/Alcohol Movie:Wasted •Eating Disorders •Nutrition Movie: Supersize Me •Stress/Suicide Students will be viewing a number of different movies to help assess that information taught was indeed learned. Some of the movies are rated R for language, use of drugs and/or alcohol. The Physical Education staff believes, that by showing these videos, the students will benefit from the life lessons that each film stresses. Today’s student needs to have their attention captured and maintained, and it is through these movies that our teachings will come to fruition. Any student who is not permitted to watch any specific movie will be given an alternate assignment pertaining to the identical topic taught and will be asked to complete the assignments in the library during his/her health period for the duration of the viewing of the video. Any questions please do not hesitate to call or email Thank you, Mrs. Faessinger colleen.faessinger@boontonschools.org Mr. Engelberger devon.engelberger@boontonschools.org Mr. Bouroult michael.bouroult@boontonschools.org Mr. Mafaro jason.mafaro@boontonschools.org Course Requirements Students are required to attend all classes. Each student is required to bring either a folder or binder also a writing utensil to every class. Students are required by Boonton High School to maintain a D average throughout the marking period to receive credit. Students are not permitted to wear hats, use ipods, cell phones or bring food into class. After three lates to class without a pass students will begin to lose points on their final grade. Grading Students will be graded a variety of ways. Students will be required to hand in notebooks of class discussion and notes, written reports, take series of tests/quizzes, projects, homework assignments and participate in class discussion. 90-100% A 70-79% C 80-89% B 60-69% D Below 59% F No Credit •Any student who does not maintain at least or higher than a D (60) percent average will be forced to retake the eleventh grade health and physical education again. It is New Jersey State law every student must pass four years of health and four years of physical education class for graduation requirement Extra Help Extra help is provided by appointment, after school, before school or during a common off period. I acknowledge the information and requirements being taught to myself and student provided by the Boonton High School Health Curriculum
All students will be taking a midterm during schedule Physical Education Period Exam time. Students are to report to Room 14 with a pencil All exams will include all sports we have played since September (soccer, volleyball, basketball, flag football, fitness, weight room(8thgrade), bases unit(7thgrade) Review sheets can be found on class jump The exam will consists of multiple choice, true/false and open ended question *Class rules and grading police have changed this year (2009-2010) *All students received new rules the first day of school that should be signed and returned to appropriate teacher. O
Any student who is medically excused for more than one class period must write a paper on the activity they missed. The paper must be 2-3 pages typed on the current activity being played in class The paper must include the following 1. Rules 2. Diagram of a field/court 3. Personal experience 4. Positions 5. History
*Class rules and grading police have changed this year (2009-2010) *All students received new rules the first day of school that should be signed and returned to appropriate teacher.

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