Dr. Said Daw

Welcome New Academic Year 2013-2014

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Dr. Said Daw one of the accounting Department Staff and Faculty of Commerce Dean.
Today, I am honored to stand among you here     in one of the oldest faculty at Cairo university campus. I am honored to celebrate the orientation day     and to welcome you here at the faculty of commerce.
This faculty will be your second home for the following 4 years.     These four years are the deciding four years of your life.     Although they four years, they will pass fast, and faster than your imagination.
This is a new start,      a beginning to something new.    Therefore, these four years give us an opportunity to become someone we never were …… for perhaps we can never be……. but at least we can try to.
Today we start the beginning of your swimming in Higher Education Ocean. Your swimming is towards greatness,    success,    and dreams coming true.
We are in this faculty, mainly to study,      and this mainly forms the base of whatever we do.     None the less,     try to explore yourself, extend your limits,     challenge your capabilities…     take part in many activities as much as you can, meet as many people you can… express yourself..     Spread your wings of freedom.    But in this trial, be responsible,      do not lose your track,      remain the kind of person, your true friends wish you to be,       do not forget your main task or job, which is studying.
As I said last year  "In our faculty, you will soon realize that independence is a requirement and        academic integrity is a must, dreams are never a product of wishful thinking,      but are the product of hard-work,    innovation,     and integrity".
The faculty of Commerce is not just an academic institution    that educates its' students    accounting,      business       and    insurance. In fact, the faculty will teach you social skills that you will acquire from interacting with different people, coming from different social environments.
Here in faculty of commerce, we work very hard to meet your expectations,   in return you are required to do your best and study hard.     We were once like you; we stood where you stand many years ago,     we worked hard to become what we are today.
We need well qualified students who are proud of being Egyptians, proud of being Cairo university graduates;   graduates who are prepared to implement Egyptians’ dream and needs. These are the caliber of students     who should be produced in faculty of commerce
Finally, I would like to give you some advice; study hard,   attend all lectures and tutorials,     participate in the class,     manage your time well,    take advantages of the opportunities you will find here;    join different student activities and make new friendships.
University is a life time experience and your time is limited,     so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,     and be sure you make the best of it.
Let me end my speech by saying to those accepted in English Section Classes CONGRATULATION.       Congratulation you will stay here the happiest four years of your life.       Congratulation you start the four deciding years of your life.    Orientation day is the day to remember and is the day to start a new real independent life.
Trust in God, love your age and life, enjoy every second in your life, Work hard and lyve your dreams, good luck and Godspeed to all of us.
Thank you.
Dr. Said Daw

First Year - English Section - Group E

This course presents the underlying framework and concepts of Financial Accounting in the context of how accounting fits into the overall business environment.  Financial accounting is the basic means of recording and reporting financial information in a business.  Students will learn how accounting functions as an information development and communication system that supports economic decision making and provides value to entities and society. Students will study the basic accounting system and will be shown how the various accounting alternatives for recording financial transactions impact on the usefulness of the information provided for decision-making. 

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