Mrs. D's Computer Class

Happy May!

Try the preview game for the Hour of Code

graphic from Design Lab at Graphic Communication Sacramento City College
Watch  the 2 ppt slideshows for class rules

Welcome Back to Computer Class
  1. Duck, Rabbit
  2. 50 Below
  3. 50 Below  Word Search
  4. Tumble book access
  5. Brave Irene
  6. Let's Make a Calendar
  7. ​Zero Below
  8. Make a Silly Turkey
  9. Build a Scarecrow
  10. Matching letters alphabet game
  11. Internet Safety Cyber Safety Five


  13. Find the Hidden Pictures Fall Fun

  14. ​​Sheppard Software Autumn
  15. Higlhlights kids Welcome 2014
  16. Highlights Kids Book Mark Maker
  17. Highlights Kids - Find the Hidden Pictures 
  18. Double Check

  19. Double Check again

  20. What is Wrong?

  21. Color Columns

  22. Hidden Pictures - Words from A to Zd

  24. Grade 1  Bobby's Busy Bakery

  25. Catch the Fireflies - addition and motor skill

  26. Find the Technology

  27. PET SHOP    Help the People pick their pets

  28. Starfall Common Core 1st Grade

  29. Enchanted Learninng Animals

  30. Syllable Factory

  31. Catholic Toolbox: Pope Francis
  32. Sheppard Software
  33. Smart teenies Shape Store
  34. PBS Kids - Shapes Games 
  35. Grade 1 Math Websites
  36. Highlights Kids
  37. Color Columns
  38. Squirrel Match
  39. Puzzel Mania Kids
  40. Construct A Word
  41.   Learning Coins
  42. Dolphin Feed - counting money
  43. March Madness Math  Shoot Out
  44. Storyplace Shapes
  45. Solid Figure Factory
  46. Funbrain shapes
  47. Fishy Fractions
  48. Fractions
  49. Jelly Golf
  50. Addition Games
  51. LISTEN AND READ Scholastic
  52. Computer Components
  53. Computer Puzzle
  54. Compound Words
  55. Learning Games for Kids
  56. Contractions
  57. Spelling City Contractions
  58. Spelling City Contractions Which Word
  59. Basketball Contraction Game
  60. Contraction Worksheets
  62. Opposites
  63. Opposites Concentration 1
  64. Opposites Concentration 2
  65. Opposites Concentration 3
  66. Opposites Concentration 4
  67. Opposites Concentration 5
  68. Grade 1 Miss Glynn's Weekly Reader page   - Winter in the Wild
  69. Grade 1 Weekly Reader - Holiday Lights
  70. Grade 2 Weekly Reader - Home in a Hole
  71. Grade 2 Weekly Reader - We Can Give
  72. Highlights Kids November 2012
  73. Highlights Kids Tell Us Your Thoughts
  74. ABC Match
  75. Fraction Flags
  76. Bees and Honey
  77. Alphabet Goop
  78. Letterella
  79. Tumble Books
  80. Storyline
  81. Cinnamon and the April Shower
  82. Cinnamon and April shower PUZZLE
  83. Cinnamon and April Shower - CROSSWORD
  84. Duck Rabbit
  85. Duck Rabbit - Games
  86. The School Bell
  87. Early Math and Time and Money Sheppard Software
  88. Counting Money
  89. Money Flashcards
  90. National Geographic Kids - Photo Fill Ins
  91. Skillwise English Games
  92. Skillwise Math Games
  93. Time to Move
  94. American Saints
  95. Saint Stories for Kids
  96. ABCYA Grade 1
  97. ABCYA Grade 2
  1. Cells Alive
  2. Cells Jeopardy
  3. Rags to Riches Cell Game Eukaryote and Prokaryote
  4. Spongelab Build-A-Cell
  5. Cell Biology Animation
  6. Finished Early?
  7. Complete assignment below Finished Early - Computer Humor
  8. Rubric - for Grading a PowerPoint Presentation
  9. Changing the Layout of your Organizational Chart
  10. VIRTUAL VACATION download the directions for this project on the bottom of this page.
  1. Rhyming Words Video
  2. IXL Kindergarten Math Practice
  3. ABCYA  Money Bingo
  4. GBGKids - Count on it Kindergarten
  5. Sheppard Software - Fruit Shoot Coins
  6. Sheppard Software - Compare Money Amounts
  7. Sheppard Software - Do you have enough money?
  8. Turtle Diary - Counting Coins
  9. Kindergarten Math Web sites
  10. Aquarium
  11. Starfall Valentine's Day
  12. Find a Four Leaf Clover
  13. Computer Basics
  14. Mousing Around Headsprout
  15. Use the Mouse and Keyboard
  16. Feed the Monster
  17. Bobby's Busy Bakery
  18. Internet Safety Cyber Five
  19. Peppers Only Pizza
  20. Sheppard Software
  21.  Kindergarten
  22. Reading Fun K-3
  23. PBSKIDS Curious George Busy Day
  24. ABC Order
  25. PBSKIDS.ORG Create Your Own SuperHero
  26. PBSKIDS Count Your Chickens
  27. PBSKIDS Monkey Match
  28. PBSKIDS All Game Topics
  29. Kindergarten games
  30. Kindergarten Fun with Math
  31. Animal Homes II
  32. Storyline Online
  33. Tumble Book Library Access button
  37. Preschool & Kindergarten SHEPPARD SOFTWARE
  39. Clock Talk
  40. Make a Face 
  42. Rainforest Animals   Wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest (video)
  43. Amazon Rainforest (video)
  44. Kathie Mitchell Rainforest links
  45. Enchanted Learning Rainforest Animals
  46. Rainforest Alliance
  47. Tropical Rainforest
  48. Science Kids Rainforest Facts
  50. Click for  Tumble Book Access
  51. Chicken Big
  52. Chicken Scratches
  53. Learn About Teeth
  54. Our Teeth
  55. Learning About Coins
  56. Nutrition      Make Your Own Milkshake
  57. Ben and Smalls Baking Game
  58. Quintricious
  59. Nutrition Games ages 2-5
  60. Nutrition - Food Groups Game


iPad Quick Reference Card

How to add email to your iPad

Hardware Info
  1. Airserver
  2. Free trial Airserver link
  3. 7 Ways to Display Your iPad on a Projector Screen
  4. How To Connect the iPad To A Projector: No Tech Skills Required
  5. How to Create Screencast Demos of  iPad Apps
  1. iPads in Education
  2. iPad Apps for School

  3. Technology in Early Childhood - iPad Covers for the PreK and K Classroom
  4. Technology in Early Childhood - Seven Tips to Get Started with Your Classroom iPad
  5. Heidi Songs -  iPad
  6. I Teach Technology: Educreations Math for Kindergarten

  7. Edudemic The Teacher's Guide to the One iPad Classroom
  8. We Are Teachers - 15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom
  9. A Printable Acceptable Use Policy for iPads
  10. EdTech's  Teacher's iPad As.......
  11. Kathy Schrock's Guide To Everything
  12. Catholic Schools Foundation iPad Academy
  13. A Practical Guide for Teachers Who Just Got iPads

  14. POSTER - Common Sense Media 1 to 1 essentials iPad Care and Maintenance for younger kids
  15. POSTER - Common Sense Media 1 to 1 essentials iPad Care and Maintenance for Older Kids
  16. POSTER - Common Sense Media Sharing Photo's  Should I Share?
  17. *Free* posters for the Classroom - iPad Use Soaring Through Second Grade
  18. 50 QR Codes for the Classroom
  19. The Daring Librarian presents QR Codes in the Classroom
  20. The Daring Librarian QR Codes Slideshow
  21. The Daring Librarian - QR Codes at A Glance Sheet
  22. The Daring Librarian - QR Codes in 3 Easy Steps
  23. Free QR Code Generator online KAYWA
  24. A Sea of iPad Apps
  25. Live Binder iPad &LCD Projector
  26. DIY iPad Stand Transform Your iPad into a Document Camera
  27. iPad as Doc Camera
  28. The Best K-12 Education Technology Blogs
  29. How to Create An Apple Idea Without Credit Card Info
  30. Digital Story Telling using Book Creator
  31. Free Halloween APPS
Welcome Back to Computer Class, 
I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation.
We'll start this year by reviewing some important things, like our Computer Lab Rules and Internet Safety.
Correct Posture when you use the computer

Grades 2 - 5

I'd also like you to share information about your summer vacation. We will use the files below to record your stories in Word.  You will also compare Vacation and School.
Technology Survey
Answer some questions about how you use technology.
Computer Jeopardy

Computer Terms Jeopardy

Face Your Manga 8-)


How to Geek

Music and the Brain




Create Accented Characters for Foreign Languages


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Quotes Computer Lab Favorites


Va Kids K-5

K-5 Computer Lab Activities

Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites


Live Periodic Table

Science Videos






Story Book Creator

Read Write Think

  Time Line Teach-ology


Computer Terms for Kids

 MemMemmmmMemUEN Hardware, Software Security (UEN Technology for Grades 3-6)

Computer Basics Videos 
Basic Parts of Computer Video

Tek Mom Buzzwords
Computer Literacy Lessons grades k-6


Mouse Exercises


Bees and Honey

Minimouse Technology



National Geographic Kids - PHOTOS

MIT free online courses


CNN Student News

Multiplication  from Cocoa


World Wide Web

 Sheppard Software

Other Stuff


Free Rice


Bubble Wrap Fun

Movies about Ancient Rome made by students in Computer Class.  Click on the files in the Class Downloads section to watch the movies in your browser.


Check Out the New Science  movies from HFS Grade 6 2013!



You can import a PowerPoint into Windows Movie Maker. 

  1. Open the PowerPoint file
  2. Select File Save AS
  3. Save the file as individual jpeg files.
  4. You can import these individual jpeg files into Windows Movie Maker and then add transitions and music.
Because your classes are combined this year, there will be many activities that you will share.  Let's collaborate and have fun in computer class this year!

Digital Citizenship is using technology appropriately.
Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship Web Quest   This web quest has several activities that address the nine elements of digital citizenship.

50 Digital Sources of Free STEM Education

Box of Tricks

Create and Manage a classroom Blog in 5 steps

AR-Augmented Reality
Two Guys and Some iPads - Augmented Reality
Aurasma App
Augmented Reality Brings new Dimension to Learning

Dropbox podcast tutorial
Dropbox Public Folder
Dropbox Shared Folder

Digital Passport sign up

Ed Tech Moment Ed Tech Moment gives classroom teachers easy-to-follow tutorials to integrate technology into the classroom
Tech resource middle hs.


Inforgraphics as a Creative Assessment

NSA   MIT program Immersion for collecting email information


Pinterest - Build your PLN

(HFS )  Gradelink Tutorials

TEQ - Community

iLearn Technology

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

The Journal (Technology )

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

K5 Computer lab - lesson plans

Free Education for All

Bleeping Computers tutorials
K Cooking games

Common Sense Media -  Kids Websites
Tech Chicks



NSTA lesson plans for videos


Halloween web sites

PBS Learning Media

Kids Front

Web 2.0 Edu


  Infographics Resources
Students can easily create Infographics
10 Fun Tools to Make an Infographic
What About Me?   picture

Animation Sites

Ask a Tech Teacher   (a favorite)
WatchKnow Videos

Google Search Education

25 "Techy" Tips for the not so "Techy" Teachers
The Teachers Web Sites


Live Binders Tech Tools for Teachers

Tech Partners Sites

Mrs. Jette          Mrs. GTT            Ms. Kenny                Mrs. Good


Other Tech Teachers' Websites
Mr Nussbaum's Learning and Games web site PK - 6

Blue Skunk Blog

Christy Taylor

Reading Fun, Grades K-2

Ed Tech Moment 5 minute tutorials for classroom teachers


Sue Holt's Public Shelf digital kindergarten and Teaching with Technology in ECE

iPad Workshop  iPads

Simple K 20 free apps
Ask A Tech Teacher - Great Apps

102 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom

Summer Teacher Academy Catholic Schools Foundation


 Games you can create using PPT Excel and Word


Pete's PowerPoint

Homemade PPT Games

Election 2012



Interactive Graphic Organizer

Scholastic Graphic Organizers for Reading

Premier Voice Recording program




 Have fun creating and sending messages from your own Avatar
Go to to create an Avatar.  
You can send me messages this summer at or



ow to Tutorial pages for WLMM


Use a Story Board to Plan Your Movie
StoryBoard Template sample
Your Movie must contain:

  1. A title slide which includes  your name or the name of the people in your group (HFS use first name, and first initial of last name)
  2. At least 6 pictures that are related to the topic.
  3. A text slide or overlay text that describes the content of the slides
  4. A clean version of a song.  The song should relate to your topic in some way and should be timed to the visual portion of the movie.
  5. Credits at the end of the movie which includes your sources of information in the proper MLA format.  Use
  6. Use a storyboard to plan out your movie.  The storyboard template can be found in the download at the bottom of this web page.
Your Movie Rubric


Biography Online

Movie Maker  Information

Windows Movie Maker Tutorial

Windows Movie Maker Forum - helpful information when you are making a movie

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial

Movie Maker Resources
Movie Maker Resources Batavia City Schools

How to transfer Photos from an iPad to a PC in 8 steps


Music Sources and Converters

Trim a Video in WLMM
5 Top Online Video  Cutters/Trimmers  (converts to different file types)

Media Converter    (convert to many file types)

YouTube mp3   (convert video to audio)

Online mp3 file trimmer 


Free Music
Planet Purple Royalty Free Music
Partners in Rhyme royalty free music
**** ****

The following classes start with the letter A
Learn to program using Basic for Middle and High School Students
BASIC - 256
Rainforest or Desert Animal
Find the following facts about your animal:
  1. Climate
  2. Habitat
  3. Food Supply
  4. Predators
  5. Interesting Facts

Here are some helpful links that students in your class have found:

Crazy Monster Frogs
a-z animals
Switch Zoo
Desert Museum
Oregon Zoo
National Zoo - Smithsonian
Desert USA
National Geographic Kids
Science Kids Rainforest Facts
Rainforest Alliance
Animals of the Rainforest
Widescreen Arkive


Grades 5 and 6

MS Word create a Thanksgiving Menu List
Create a Thanksgiving Dinner Menu in MS Publisher.
HFS Graphic Organizer


MS Word create a Thanksgiving Menu List
Create a Thanksgiving Dinner Menu in MS Publisher.

Gr. 3 and 4

Directions for creating a Holiday Cookbook page. Bring in your recipe for December 3rd 2013

Christmas Holiday Cookbook

Directions for creating a Holiday Cookbook page. Bring in your recipe for December 3rd 2013

General Downloads

Instructions on how to use the research you gathered on iPads, iPad mini's and Tablets to create a PowerPoint presentation
Items to include in a Windows Movie Maker Graduation Movie