Welcome to ISA Elementary Computer WebSite

Dear Parents and students, Welcome to the official Elementary School Computer website. Included is the outline of what is expected learning of the students at the end of 2010-2011 school year. You'll also find the rainy day/emergency activities to do in the event that school gets canceled. Thank you for visiting my website ! Ms. Cris
At the end of the school year, the students are expected to : Use databases Use spreadsheets Be responsible and safe in using online resources Be able to locate information on the internet Evaluating information found through telecommunications Developing word processing documents Exploring e-mail and networking Identifying ways technology has changed Aruba and their own country of origin
At the end of the school year the students are expected to: Use technology in the community Respect the computer and others works Using electronic database to locate information. Be responsible in caring of resources Building word processing skills Collecting, sorting and displaying data Using drawing tools
At the end of the school year, Montessori and Grade 1 students are expected to: Respect the computer and other others work Using technology at home and in school Gathering, organizing and displaying data Using word processing ( kid inspiration) Exploring multimedia Responsible care of resources Observing online resources