Carthage Parents As Teachers


Our office is located at 127 EAST 6th Street- Watch for news of our move to the new EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER in March!!


KINDERGARTEN CLASS 2015-16 If you have a child or know one who will be 5 years old by 7-31-15, and plans to start school in Carthage August 2015, CALL NOW to set up their MANDITORY screening and register to receive their kindergarten enrollment packet. Packets will be mailed out February 2015. Call Parents as Teachers to make sure you are registered for a packet and screening  359-7012


PRESCHOOL CLASS 2014-15 The Carthage R-9 has a Title One FREE DISTRICT WIDE Preschool.  We have a waiting list for this year, and are screening NOW FOR THE 2014-15 AND 2015-16 school year!    To get on the waiting list, call us as soon as possible to schedule the manditory screening.  Your child is eligible if they live in the Carthage district and your child is pre-k!

PARENTS AS TEACHERS-Always screening and visiting children ages prenatal to prekindergaren entries! Call to enroll 359-7012

Parents As Teachers: A program that works! As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher. Parents As Teachers (PAT) is a free program offered through the school district that provides developmental information, education, and support to families that begin prenatally and extends to Kindergarten entrance.

 Concerned with your childs speech or development? We can help refer you to early interventive services! Make sure you call us to screen your child yearly, starting at age 3 months! *******If sickness is in your home, please cancel your appointment- we don't want to spread germs******* *****Winter Weather***** If the R-9 Schools are closed, we will not be completing visits for the day. Thank you for keeping our safety as well as yours a priority!



Parent Educators: Supervisor- Jane Goade Beatriz Bonilla Ellie Waite Brooke Johnston, Teresa Scheuerman, Kamie Bourgault and Patty Ogden- Secretary Sherry Fuller

This is a program for those parents that are 19 or younger on May 1, 2015 If you are enrolled in high school, talk with your counselor or Mrs. Holman about enrolling in a PAT credit class! Special teen meetings are held every third Thursday, during the Seminar block. If you need to schedule a visit with your parent educator or need to enroll, call the PAT office (359-7012). For students who are parents at the Junior High school, see school counsoler Gina Robbins for details of being bussed to the teen meetings!

Address is  127 E. 6th Street (mailing address is still 710 Lyon)  PHONE NUMBER REMAINS 359-7012. 

LITTLE TIGERS MEET THE TIGERS!  October 1, 2014 5:30 -6:30 at FOOTBALL FIELD- for all PAT families with children prenatal to pre-k.  Come see the Carthage Firetruch and meet and play with the cheerleaders, danceteam, band and members of the fall sports teams for Carthage who will be doing special activities with the kids!  Also meet the Carthage Tiger! (Raindate OCT 8)  

OCTOBER 21-Fall Fun Fest-craft and story time in a preschool type 359-7012 to reserve a time!

NOVEMBER 10-12:00 LUNCH PROVIDED-Raising a likable child-Parent lunch in a small group setting  with information and Q and A on discipline and info on how to raise a likeable and successful child in todays world!  RSVP 359-7012

DECEMBER 10-Christmas Playday-Call to reserve a time- 359-7012