Carly Schmidt

Educating Our Future

I believe that educating children is the way that I can make a difference in this world.  I want to create a safe and engaging learning environment that children are excited to learn in. 

This year in math we will be learning about more complex concepts. Throughout the year, we will be practicing solving problems involving whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.  We will also focus on geometry and algebra principles.


Here are some videos that will hook the students into learning:    This video is the School House rock song for the 3's in multiplication

Our reading block this year will be engaging and challenging.  Students will continue to practice their A.R daily in addition to our class wide reading.  There will also be an emphasis on phonics and comprehension so that the students will continue to grow in literacy.

Here are four videos that will be useful this year: This video tells students what they should be doing while they read.  It gives them a purpose and can help them become expert readers. This video is an example of a book review.  The students will be doing video presentations like this one later in the year This is a fun video about adjectives made by School House Rock. This video is made by School House Rock as well and talks about adverbs.

Review of Two Types of Assistive Technology


  1. One assistive technology that would be useful is the keyboard modifications for a computer.  There are many possibilities, such as having a greater space between the keys, a simplified arrangement, or a key board with larger keys.  There are sticky keys which are certain keys that lock in place allowing the student to use combination keystrokes without having to press keys simultaneously.  Having these changes on the keyboard can be very beneficial for students with disabilities.
  2. A touch screen are great for students with disabilities as well.  The touch screen is a pointing device on which users place their fingers to enter data or make selections.  This type of technology offers a real advantage to students with disabilities because it is a fast and natural way to enter data, make selections, and issue commands.

Teacher Resources

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