Andrea A3 English

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Thanks for visiting! Check the class webpages for syllabi, assignments, test dates, and more. I will also write due dates and reading schedules on the calendar as the year progresses.
This is a year-long core English class for all students in 11th grade at GRS. This makes up the first year of the two-year IB English program.
This year-long core course is the second year of the IB English program. Aims and objectives of this year focus on written literary analysis.
This is a semester-long elective class that focuses on peacemakers and literature that sheds light on peacemaking.

Hello, peaceniks!  This course will explore the ideas of peace and justice through a historical lens, contemporary lens, and a personally reflective lens.  We will take an active role in planning and facilitating school events like Mix It Up Day, iRACE, peer mediation training, and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, among others.  We will also explore the power structure in our communities--GRS, personal, local, national, and global.  Class routines will include reading and writing, circle discussions, hands-on group projects, and documentary analysis.  Assessments will include written essays, individual projects, and group projects.


TOK is a semester-long philosophy elective that focuses on examining the nature of knowledge and ways of knowing in relation to us as "knowers."
Let your creative juices flow! Are you interested in creative writing? Ever thought about writing for a newspaper or a literary journal? Possible areas of focus include (but are not limited to!): fiction/short stories, poetry, playwriting/screenwriting, creative non-fiction and satire--the possibilities are endless! This is a writing course that is designed to give you an opportunity to develop your unique goals as a writer. Throughout the course, you will receive support and guidance in a small group/workshop setting to work on your individualized writing project.