"Question everything!" Fox Mulder

My classes are designed to not only teach concepts vital for the subject but also to help prepare you for college and the rest of your life. We are all here to think, question, and learn - even me. Sometimes we have to step out of the box and our comfort zones to really learn. So be ready and willing to do things you haven't before and take a risk because what is life without risk?
General information for the class: Grading and Late work policy for both classes Points of interest in science General Calendar
Anatomy/Physiology is an advanced science class. From the class you will gain an understanding of the concepts of Human Anatomy/Physiology.

Study of pathogens and disease, their mechanisms and outcomes.

REsearch and design class for students interested in Botanical Sciences and the use of Horticulture in a responsible and sustainable way.  Students will research and build projects dealing with botany and horticulture.  Possible interactions and relationships with non-profits and community groups.  Presentations of projects manditory.