Personal vision statement/committees/group goals

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Planning and decision-making.
This document describes MN-871's Vision and Mission Statements. It also identifies unit goals for AY2012.
Vision Statement, what it's purpose.
The attached describes the significant features of the AFJROTC Emblem and AFJROTC Patch.
This is what you may want to look at for building your mission statement.
SMART goals (680.96 KB)
If you have questions concerning this instruction please see Executive Officer
Evaluation sheet for freshmen and upper-class
AFJROTC cadets wear the same basic uniform as the active duty AF, and they should be expected to honor and wear the uniform properly and with pride. The AFJROTC Awards and Decorations Program recognizes the achievements of AFJROTC cadets and fosters increased morale and espirit de corps.
Please use this on your covers
I did a couple of examples, cut to fit the width of your binders. We will probably get new binders (if you need a new one) before the inspection. It will match the size your using, right now, to build your book.
This document will be used to comply with monthly inspection of continuity book.
Since the same mistakes were being made concerning this appointment letter, I replaced it with letter highlighting the areas where common errors were occurring. Hope this helps.
This is the cont book appt letter to use so you don't have to contend with the balloon changes in the other document. Just make correct changes to this letter prior to printing. BUT PLEASE look at the other letter for common errors. Chief
This is every Cadets responsibility to memorize. It is testable both in/during promotion tests and open rank inspections.
This will help with your PPT presentation due at the end of the trimester. Be ready.
Cadets look at this for answering any questions you may have as you build your PPT presentation for end of Tri 2
Cadets this is a great product to help with definitions. I will add to it as we go throughout the year.
This is the briefing on the final management process, controlling.
Committees: this is your final PPT presentation that will help as you build your presentation. If you have any questions seek the assistance of your classmates or me. Good luck.
Our newest guide, please review for changes.
Cadets, here is your exercise schedule for PT, each trimester. Notice Presidential Fitness Standards are used for baseline and final assessment, according to Health and Wellness Syllabus
This is the PowerPoint Presentation that was featured at our Veterans Day Ceremony, 2012
Career Portfolio (262.14 KB)
Hello cadets this is the powerpoint presentation that you will need in order to complete your assignment at the end of tri-TWO. I will continue to add to this powerpoint as we continue to learn. Suggestions start getting your data together now! Don't wait until 6 March
Here it is cadets, everything you want to know about the Leadership Assignment for Tri 2. If you have questions or don't understand PLEASE see me. Also remember your journals, they will be a part of your resumes.
Writing Bullets (137.81 KB)
So if you've forgotten what we learned about writing this PPT
This is the PowerPoint Presentation for Resume/Cover Letter portion of assignment. Good luck.
This document is a talking paper that outlines the requirements for a training session that each cadet will complete. Subject must be AFJROTC related and must be finalized by a checklist provided to the instructor. Points for total assignment completion: 200
Refer to Cadet Guide for help in expectations, standards, rules, policies and procedures of the "Wolf Pack" Cadet Corps. "Bully!"
Class discussion
My Action Plan (32.77 KB)
This is an extra credit assignment for those that need an attitude adjustment. This extra credit is worth 50 takes some thought, again self-reflection is required
New Cadet Guide
This guide Supplements the 6 March 2012
Newest changes to AFJROTC Guide
New Ribbon Chart (197.49 KB)
New Ribbon Chart
This supplements Chapter 1 of AFJROTC Guide
Supplements Chapter 2 of AFJROTC Guide
Supplements, Chapter 3 of AFJROTC Guide
Supplements Chapter 4 of AFJROTC Guide
Supplements Chapter 5 of AFJROTC Guide
Supplements Chapter 6 of AFJROTC Guide
Supplements Chapter 7 of AFJROTC Guide

General Downloads

SWOT PPT (319 B)
This is your SWOT PPT, worth extra credit. Pay attention to the slide that is divided into quarters and basically fill in the blanks but don't use the slide itself, develop a word document that captures your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunites and Threats. Pay attention to what's external to you and internal to you. Ask Upperclassmen if you don't understand. My door is also open if upperclassmen aren't available. Thank you.
Supplements Chapter 8 of AFJROTC Guide