Mr. Adamou's page


Bonjour! My name is Sani Adamou. I am from Benin and Niger, West Africa. I am currently teaching French 1 at Reagan High School on Tuesday and Thursday. Except traveling and reading, teaching is what I absolutely enjoy doing the most. More than the French language that I love so much, I really like sharing knowledge with my students. "Si tu sais que tu ne sais pas, tu sauras. Mais si tu ne sais pas que tu ne sais pas, tu ne sauras pas." Amadou H. Bâ. [If you know that you do not know, you will know. But if you do not know that you do not know, you will not know]

French 1

This is the French class I am teaching this semester at Reagan High School. It has eleven students: Diane, Suzette, Christian,Eugène, Chanel, Antoinette, Adèle, Sébastien, Benjamin, Carole, and Gérard.