Technology As Pedagogy

Welcome to Technology As Pedagogy! ED 308/508

Our main goal in this course is the become proficient in using variety of technology applications to increase classroom effectiveness as a teacher, collaborator, manager and communicator. You will be "meeting" on the Blackboard Discussion board outside of class to discuss course topics. If you need to contact me for any reason, I can be reached at or (219)464-6127. My office is in the lower level of Meier Hall in Rm. 121. To introduce myself, I have added a few of my favorite websites.  I love to visit the Brauer Art Museum in the VUCA. You should check it out! I highly recommend checking out the sporting events at VU by clicking on Valpo Athletics. In my picture, you will see me in the middle of my former Cub Scouts, who are all now 9th graders. I had been a Cub Scout leader for 5 years with my oldest son, Evan.  I am also the chapter counselor for Kappa Delta Pi, International Education Honor Society.

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Get to know me with my Glogster. Meet Prof. Johnston Here are some links that will add arts integration in your classroom: The Renaissance Connection Chemistry Lab Space Walking WebCam of Statue of Liberty Virtual Field Trips in All Disciplines NCTM High School Violin Maker's Shop Yellowstone National Park in Winter Music Smarties VU Education Dept.


Meet Prof. Johnston

Welcome to class!  I will continue to add a few of my favorites to this website and the videos that will help you learn how to use technology more effectively.

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A wonderful collection of resources can be found at: NCSS Website

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