Dease Art Classes

A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things. ::: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner :::

This course is offered to students who are interested in learning about the basics of quality artwork using digital photography as a medium, as well as creating images that have visual impact. Students will learn the elements and principles of design with an emphasis on composition. Throughout the course, we will also cover the basics of digital photography including vocabulary and camera/computer function. Students will be introduced to the history of photography, descriptive analysis of student/professional work, student presentations, class critiques, and the work of influential photographers. Students will learn to develop and expand their aesthetic perception. They will use Photoshop to learn basic digital imaging while also learning to enhance some of their photographic work. The students will create photographic images that will be suitable for working toward an AP studio art 2-D portfolio.

Welcome to Dease's Junior Advisory. We are going to be together for the next two years!  

General Downloads

Read this first if you have questions about the school camera.
Review Unit II (23.04 KB)
Review Unit I (22.53 KB)
AP Studio Art 2-D (349.64 KB)
Check here also for Summer Work
Drawing Terms (32.26 KB)
Values Spheres (331.26 KB)
Drawing Noses (1.48 MB)
View Finder (19.97 KB)
Landscape Terms (24.06 KB)
Basic Research (30.72 KB)
Basket Stitches (24.06 KB)