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MARCH 2015 $14,900

Thank you to all students and staff who participated in the Month of Lunches campaign to support the THREE THOUSAND students in les Abricots, Haiti who attend the TWELVE schools founded by Madame Michaelle de Verteuil, a former St. Thomas teacher and Order of Canada recipient.

We are proud to announce that a total of $14,900 was raised by this year's campaign.  

Based on the knowledge that $10 buys a MONTH of lunches for a student, we know that this money will go a long way to combat hunger.  For most of the students, the meal they eat at school is the only one they have each day.


Thanks for the invaluable organizational support of Mr. Griffin's and Ms. Fabes leadership classes, Mr. Canuel, student council members, and our dance and tech crews.


This is an incredible achievement of which St. Thomas should be very proud. 


Sec II students at St. Thomas have been the proud supporters of our adopted school in les Abricots, Haiti for over five years.  

Because we agreed to be long term sponsors for our school,  Mme de Verteuil had a second school built on the same site.  So, instead of only going to grade 4, students in the area have the opportunity to up to grade 9!

Profits from the businesses created and operated by Sec II IB students generate $7,000 per year.  It is fabulous to see these young social entrepreneurs at work!

Great sites to visit:

a) "Friend" Thomas Haiti on Facebook to see great photos of our students and the region of les Abricots, to learn more about Mme de Verteuil, and to receive updates.  (The Thomas Haiti page is managed by C. Brownell)

b) Article & photos

c) Video about Mme de Verteuil's work in Haiti
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