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St. Thomas is hosting its first annual  MONTH of LUNCHES campaign.  $10 buys a month of lunches for a student in les Abricots, Haiti.  It has been fabulous to see leadership students helping to organize this event.  Students at all grade levels are involved in the campaign to combat hunger in the network of TWELVE schools founded by Madame Michaëlle de Verteuil.  Check out the Thomas Haiti Facebook page for more information and to see our video challenges.  

Thanks for everyone for their support.  


Sec II students at St. Thomas have been the proud supporters of our adopted school in les Abricots, Haiti for over five years. This is one of twelve schools in the Haiti established by Mme Michaelle de Verteuil, a former St. Thomas teacher and Order of Canada recipient.

Because we agreed to be long term sponsors for our school,  Mme de Verteuil had a second school built on the same site.  So, instead of only going to grade 4, students in the area have the opportunity to up to grade 9!

                            UPDATE FOR DECEMBER 2014

Thank you to everyone who purchased a MONTH OF LUNCHES gift card.  Based on the fact that $10 buys a month of lunches for a child in Haiti, we sold photo cards that people purchased to give to friends and family as a gift.

               We raised $1,580 through this project. 

             THE FINAL TOTAL FOR 2013/2014 IS IN:

We raised $7,400 for our two schools during the 2013/2014 school year. About 90% of this money comes from businesses created and run by Sec II IB students.  It is fabulous to see students using real life math skills to operate their own business.  

The other 10% came from weekly "Baking for Haiti" projects  held in Ms. Kindrat's and Ms. Brownell's classes.

A special shout out to Kiara who created Phantomprints, a custom design
t-shirt business that you can see on Facebook.  By the end of the summer, Kiara had made $1,000 profit which she donated to Haiti.  Kiara is continuing her business to raise funds for Haiti.  Check out Phantomprints on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone was who was involved by running a business, baking, or being a customer.  You are changing the lives of children in Haiti.

                       Update October 27, 2014

Thank you to the students who participated in Open House last week.  It was great to showcase students who are running businesses to support our school in Haiti.  Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the weekly Baking for Haiti project.  We have raised $255 since the beginning of September!


Great sites to visit:

a) "Friend" Thomas Haiti on Facebook to see great photos of our students and the region of les Abricots, to learn more about Mme de Verteuil, and to receive updates.  (The Thomas Haiti page is managed by C. Brownell)

b) Article & photos

c) Video about Mme de Verteuil's work in Haiti
           (3 minutes)




Math 216

Sec II Math Notes

Notes 4 Ratios (20.67 KB)
Students should have also added examples to these about finding product of the extremes. i.e. Create four new proportions where the product of the extremes = 20 (1 X20, 2 X 10, 4 X 5) As long as you put these numbers diagonally in a cross-multiply set up, you will always get a proportional situation.

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