Mrs. Bilshausen 6-1 L.A.


Need to see me about an assignment?
I am available to meet with individual students most days after 7:30 am and after school! Send me an email or see me in person and we can make an "appointment"!

Did you know?
MARCH is Women's History Month!
Check out this link to read more about some amazing women in history! Since we are reading "Classics" this month, this is a great time to celebrate some fabulous female authors like Louisa May Alcott ("Little Women") and poets Maya Angelou and Emily Dickinson. Enjoy this poem written by Dickinson, especially timely as we wait for the snow to melt away:
    A little Madness in the Spring
    Is wholesome even for the King,
    But God be with the Clown –
    Who ponders this tremendous scene –
    This whole Experiment of Green –
    As if it were his own!