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Word Within the Word Ideas questions are due Tuesday, October 28th. Seethe attached download for the questions and important reminders.

The Word Within the Word list 3 of 50 stems is Wednesday, Nov. 5. Be sure to study all of the stems you have learned! 

"Sound of Thunder" vocabulary test is Monday, October 27th. Be able to apply the meanings of the words to answer the questions. 

Continue reading and annotating your author autobiography. Follow these guidelines carefully to plan your work:

By Wednesday, October 29th: Read and annotate one-third of your book to be ready for your first group discussion.

By Wednesday, November 5th: Complete two-thirds of your autobiography for your second group discussion. 

By Tuesday, November 11th: FINISH reading and annotating your autobiography for your final group discusssion.

We will have computers and dedicated time to write your Analysis I on November 12th and 13th; it is due on November 14th.

 Word Within the Word Ideas Questions List 3

 Authors and Autobiographies Analysis 1 2014

For Tuesday, October 28th: You and your partner need to complete and PRINT your "Persona Famosa". 
Come to class ready to put your "persona" on a piece of construction paper and present it to the class
Use the assignment description and rubric to create your description.

 Persona Famosa