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For Wednesday, Sept. 24th: Complete RRJ1 on an independent reading book of your choice. Read your book by September 20th so that you have time to create your well-written responses. 

By now, you should be finishing your RRJ writing! Here is the remainder of the plan you could have been following for completing your RRJ:

Monday: Answer questions 9 through 11.
Tuesday: Edit your RRJ and send it to Mrs. Beach on Google Drive. Are your answers NUMBERED? Are they clear, concise and complete?

Friday: Sept. 26th: Vocabulary quiz on "Platoon System": Be able to apply the meaning of the words!

 "Where I'm From" poem handout
 "Where I'm From" sample poem
 RRJ Quarter 1
 RRJ 1 pdf

For Tuesday, September 23rd: Complete packet pages18 and 20. Study for the test on the "Preliminar" unit. There is a study session tomorrow morning at 7:30 in our classroom.