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Welcome to ELA!! It is great to begin the year together. Here you will find reminders about assignment deadlines and things you need to know.

For Friday, August 29th: Complete the Summer Reading Assignment. Write your answers directly on the sheet. Here is a suggested plan for completing the questions:
Thursday: Answer  remaining questions; re-read your work!

For Tuesday, September 2nd: Have your composition notebook, "soft" 1" binder, four labelled dividers, and pocket folder in class. Bring them in as soon as you can, but no later than 9/2.

For Wednesday, Sept. 3: Complete your "Me in a Nutshell" interviews, one with someone you admire, and one with someone who has known you for a long time.

For Friday, September 5th: Complete your two-page "Me in a Nutshell". You will have class time to work next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

For Wednesday, Sept. 24th: Complete RRJ1 on an independent reading book of your choice. Try to read your book by Septmber 17th so that you have a week to complete your well-written responses.

ELA Summer Reading Assignment

 RRJ Quarter 1


For Thursday, August 28th: "Hola, Que tal?" packet pages 1 and 2.

For Friday, August 29th: Packet pages 3 and 4.

For Tuesday, September 2nd: NO homework!