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Word Within the Word Unit 9 test on Wednesday, April 23rd.

Continue reading your novel of choice and complete the attached RRJ by Monday, May 5th!

Complete your research paper outline and print it by the end of class on Tuesday, April 22nd.

**You should have "on average" 6 total resources, 10-15 pro/stakeholder supporting facts/details, 10-15 con/stakeholder supporting facts/details, 6-10 history/issue background!

Now that you have begun your outline, are you finding "gaps" in your information? Do you have a balance of pros and cons? Is your history and background information strong and sufficient? Do you need to spend some time at home doing additional research?

Your research paper is due, printed and ready to turn in, on Tuesday, April 29th.

RRJ Q4.pdf
 Quiz on lesson 8 Wednesday. April 23rd.
Conversation performances Thursday, April 24th; know your lines well!

For Tuesday, April 22nd and Wednesday, April 23rd: "Felipe" readers will perform their chapter summaries. "Miguelito" readers will turn in their story board and description at the end of the period on Tuesday or the beginning fo the period on Wednesday.