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Your completed Heritage Essay is due Friday, October 17th. Share or print a copy before class!

Complete lesson five of the Grammar Study packet by Friday; we will have some tiime to work in class this week. 

"Literary Lessons" literature web is due on Friday.Use the handout and the video clips below to help you with the Venn Diagram. You will have some time to work on it independently in class. Be sure to give TWO examples for every section! We will have a roundtable discussion Friday.

Your second RRJ for quarter one is due Monday, October 20th! Have your book read no later than this THURSDAY, so that you have plenty of time to write your responses to the questions. Use your notes and be sure to completely answer each question. Use the feedback from RRJ 1 to help you. 

 Cultural Heritage Essay

 Quarter 1 RRJ

For Wednesday, October 15th: Complete pages 33 and 34 of the "Did You Get It?" section on subject pronouns and the verb "Ser".  Skip part 5 on page 34---we will do it in class tomorrow. QUIZ on SUBJECT PRONOUNS and "SER" on FRIDAY!

For Thursday, Oct. 16th: Complete workbook pages 4 and 6 on subject pronouns and the verb "Ser".

For Friday, October 17th: Complete workbook page 6 and study for the quiz on subject pronouns and tthe verb "Ser".