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Word Within the Word notecards for list 2 are due tomorrow, Sept. 30. The test will be on Friday, October 10th; if you are leaving town early for the long weekend, you needd to take this test before you leave!

Your Heritage essay interview and research must be completed by Monday, October 6th.  Make your "family tree" plan of possible contacts tonight; begin contacting family members by phone, Skype or email tomorrow. Then begin your research on Wednsay, filling in gaps and matching your own traditions to your cultural heritage.

Read and keep notes on your second independent novel. Your second RRJ for quarter one is due October 20th! Have your book read no later than October 15th, so that you have planety of time to write your responses to the questions.

 Cultural Heritage Essay

 Quarter 1 RRJ

For Tuesday, September 30th:

Complete workbook p.2.

Study for the vocabulary quiz on activities. This quiz will ask you to apply phrases based on their meanings, in words or pictures.