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Word Within the Word list 3 begins today! Notecards are due Tuesday, October 21st. 

Word Within the Word Ideas questions are due Tuesday, October 28th. 

The Word Within the Word list 3 of 50 stems is Wednesday, Nov. 5. Be sure to study all of the stems you have learned! 

Prepare for the Grammar Independent Study post-test on Thursday, October 23rd. What sections of your pre-test showed the need for more attention? Review your Grammar Independent Study packet!

"Sound of Thunder" vocabulary test is Monday, October 27th. Be able to apply the meanings of the words to answer the questions.

For Tuesday, October 21st: Complete workbook p. 24. 

For Wednesday, October 22nd: Workbook pages 25 and 26.

Stiudents who scored 14 points or less on the subject pronoun and "ser" quiz may take anoter small quiz to improve their scores WEDNESDAY, October 22nd at 7:30 am.

For Friday, October 24th: Bring a picture of the famous person or character (cartton, movie, super hero or fairy tale you want to share with your project partner.