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For Thursday, Sept. 18th: Complete your "Where I'm From" poem. Be sure to add an image! Print it and bring it to class!

For Wednesday, Sept. 24th: Complete RRJ1 on an independent reading book of your choice. Read your book by September 20th so that you have time to create your well-written responses. 

By now, you should be able to begin your RRJ writing, given the progress you have made reading and the notes you have been taking. Here is a paln for comleting your RRJ:

Thursday: Draft the answers to questions 1 through 4. 
Friday - Sunday: Draft answers to questions 5 through 8.
Monday: Answer questions 9 through 11.
Tuesday: Edit your RRJ and send it to Mrs. Beach on Google Drive. Are your answers NUMBERED? Are they clear, concise and complete?

 "Where I'm From" poem handout
 "Where I'm From" sample poem
 RRJ Quarter 1
 RRJ 1 pdf

For Tuesday, September 16th: Complete sections 1 and 2 of packet page 13.

For Wednesday, September 17th: Tomorrow you and your partner will share four statements about the weather in your Spanish-speaking city. You will have a few minutes to finish your presentation. Remember to state what the weather is NOT like at least once.

For Friday, Sept. 19th: Select a classroom phrase from the vocabulary sheet and create a sign on an 81/2" x 11" sheet of paper. Include aan illustration that is colorful and related to the phrase's meaning.

There will be a quiz on the "Preliminar" section on Tuesday, September 23rd. Study your vocabulary and packet pages to prepare.