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World History, 2013-2014 4th and 6th Hours

To message me please use This is the year-long regular World History course at Woodbury High School.  In this three trimester course, students will be given an opportunity to develop knowledge of and an appreciation for the contributions of many cultures to the collective wisdom of the human species. A marked emphasis will be placed upon the ideas and events of both Western and non-Western civilizations as they have come to shape our present existence.
The course will be based on the Minnesota High School World History Standards.  All Minnesota Standards can be seen at this Web site:  K-12 Minnesota Social Studies Standards.  70% of the grade will be based on tests, quizzes, and other summative assessments.  The final trimester test will be the same test used by other teachers of this course at Woodbury High School.  The lowest test score will be dropped if doing this benefits the student.  20% of the grade will be based on homework, mostly  SQ3R / Cornell Notes.  10% of the grade will be various things we do in class.
Textbook available on this Classjump site:  Chapters 1-4 and 5-9 are under 9/3/2013.  Chapters 9-14 are under 12/19/2013.  Chapter 15- 18 and Chapter 19 - 21 are under are under 1/2/2014.  The rest of the book is under 3/17/2014.