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ClassJump to upgrade services

posted: February 8, 2013
ClassJump, Inc has received a substantial donation that is to be used exclusively for upgrading what is offered here! This money is not be to used for hosting, only for improving the services offered and adding additional services.

Yes, we will still have to raise money for our server to pay for hosting, but at least we can now dig in and make ClassJump better by offering new and improved services.

So, who better to ask what's needed than the great teachers who use the site?

What's on your wish list? During our last upgrade which took place at the end of 2011, many teachers wanted instant messaging. I tried to make this happen, but fell short. Perhaps it's something that should be done now? Post your ideas in the comment area below!

If you have great ideas, post them here as a comment.

This upgrade will be in production over the next six months and will be released  in late summer, 2013. I'm looking for ideas from you!

Let the ideas for making ClassJump.com better begin!

Robert Zimmerman
Executive Director, ClassJump, Inc
ClassJump is a 501(3)(c) non-profit public charity

Jennifer February 8, 2013
I am a sign language teacher. So I would love it If i was able to put a video on my home page. That would be at the top of my list. Thanks for all you do.
ClassJump Reply to Jennifer:
Thanks Jennifer! You can actually add embedded video using the current version of ClassJump. There's an example of how to do that on this page.

This is only for video that is hosted at YouTube, Vimeo or other similar services.
David Harlow February 8, 2013
First of all, thank you so much for providing this service to teachers.

The only comment I have at this time is that I think it is a little strange that I have to click cancel after entering homework for my classes and then exit from the next screen by clicking "x" key in the upper right corner. It just seems a little counter-intuitive to click cancel and the assignment I have entered is still saved. It seems like instead of cancel the key should be something like "save assignment to classjump".
Dr. LaTatia Stroud February 8, 2013
Here's a couple upgrade ideas
1.) A section that distinguishes when a student registered for class
2.) For documents showing; somehow eliminate from the list the documents teachers have posted to students
3.) A "Donate" button on our home page for students and visitors to donate to Classjump
4.) The ability to upload videos (lectures, resources)
5.) The ability to donate automatically from our checking accounts
C. Margaglio February 9, 2013
I would love video embedding! That would be wonderful. Also, the ability to upload documents other than Word, such as Excel and PPT would be great (instead of having to convert to Word)
ClassJump Reply to C. Margaglio:
Hello C. Margaglio!
You can do that right way using the current version of ClassJump! An example of how to do that is on this page.
Sharon Hartnett February 9, 2013
1. An easier way to remove former students from a class. Too difficult to remove each student one by one.

2. Is it possible to work on two teacher pages at one time? Or have a copy to another site option? I teach with a colleague and we assign and post the same work.

ClassJump Reply to Sharon Hartnett:
Hi Sharon!

In the current version of ClassJump, when you are looking at your student list, there is a button in the upper right of that screen that allows you to remove ALL students at one time! You do not need to do this one at a time.

To your second point, it's got me thinking of ways for teachers to 'share' accounts. It might work something like this: You would go to another teachers site while logged in, once there you would see a SHARE SITE button on their page. Clicking that would prompt the other teacher to either ALLOW SHARING, or obviously to CANCEL. Once two teachers have agreed to SHARE, then when you posted homework or an event to your calendar, you would see the other teacher classes as well and be able to post to them, as well as your own.

This is certainly a possibility and a really great idea. Thanks!
Nadine February 9, 2013

Thank you, Thank you, thank you for your service. Classjump has been a great asset for our teachers and students
A way to designate holidays and weekends; an we consolidate classes for students/ teachers; I teach 6 different classes ans it takes me over three hours each week to post my students' work, is there a more efficient way?
casetta February 9, 2013
A link section for websites.

To click and drag the order of downloaded documents.
Pam February 9, 2013
An option to place Blog topics into categories.
ClassJump Reply to Pam:

This is going to happen! Thanks!
Randolph February 9, 2013
I like the ideas by Dr. Stroud. The donate botton can be linked through paypal.
I crave a site that will allow me to create chemistry tests or quizzes. quia.com is pretty decent, but they use an antiquated system called latex in order to create chemical equations. If you can make that happen me and the other chem teachers at my location would be very happy.

Have you ever contacted the Bill Gates foundation for a grant? http://www.gatesfoundation.org/united-states/Pages/education-strategy.aspx

Give them a try.
ClassJump Reply to Randolph:

ClassJump does not use PayPal because of their transaction fees. They are much to high for the types of donations ($5, $10) that are sent in. Donations are what keep ClassJump here, but if a $10 donation came back to us as $8, that's a big deal for a little operation like us.

To your other point, I have always wanted to build a quiz generator. It's a very tall order to accomplish. The best I have ever been able to come up with is as multiple-choice quiz creator, which I don't think would make your day.

To your final point, The Gates Foundation doesn't have any grants, that I'm aware of, for a non-profit such as ClassJump. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?
Randolph February 9, 2013
Take a look at edmodo.com for some ideas.

Its kind of a social media site. There are iOS and android apps for it and students at my location love it. They use edmodo more than classjump because they are constantly on their handheld devices. I started using edmodo for certain things because of the social media aspect.
ClassJump Reply to Randolph:
Thanks Randolph!

I'm well aware of Edmodo. They do good work.

I'm shooting for a mobile version of ClassJump, but it will be for a mobile browser and not a stand-alone APP. If there's anyone out there that would like to donate some development time to building an APP for us, I'm all ears. We don't have enough funding, or the current skills in-house to program applications. Right now, the best I can shoot for is a mobile version for browsers, which would look very much like an app.

Heather February 9, 2013
Thanks! I love your site. It's easy to use! I think I asked for this last year, but I would love to have text alerts sent to my students when I post something. They just don't check email often anymore.

And, in terms of layout, I don't like that upcoming events are not visible. I would like to see things visible until it is past.
Cathie Lawson February 9, 2013
My students and I often "time out" when posting on the messge board, and the same happens to me when posting info in my HW/calendar. Having much more time before that happens would greatly enhance the assignments that this service allows me to provide Losing a half hour or more of work, especially for my stressed out AP students can devestate them. They are so over extended that finding another half hour for a required assignment truly burdens them.

I appreciate the chance to offer input, and as both a donor and a user, I value ClassJumo.
ClassJump Reply to Cathie Lawson :
Hi Cathie!

With the current version of ClassJump, the time you have while logged in is somewhat limited, I know. With the upgrade, we will be able to keep you logged in indefinitely, or until you log yourself out.

Until the upgrade takes place, all one needs to do is to do 'something' every so often to keep your user session active. You can click a link, you can partially save a message to the message board and then continue to finish it, anything at all.

After the upgrade, this will not be necessary. We'll be able to keep you logged in for as long as you like.
Jafar February 9, 2013
Hi. I'm a French Immersion teacher, and one of the upgrades that I would like to see is language recognition. There are many accents in French, and it's hard to type without the accents. Also, more font and edit options for the text boxes would be great. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
ClassJump Reply to Jafar:
Hi Jafar!

There is no easy way for us to change your keyboard language. If you wish to type in French, you need to change your keyboard preferences. In Windows, click START, CONTROL PANEL and then select REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE OPTIONS. Choose French. Then return to ClassJump and type your assignments.

In the new version of ClassJump, our new text editor will have options for 'special characters', which I am showing you a screen-shot below. This will be helpful, but not the same as having your keyboard configured to use the French character set.

Samantha Spencer February 9, 2013
A blog service where both students and teachers could post questions and comments.
ClassJump Reply to Samantha Spencer:

This is a great idea and we're going to move forward with it! Your current 'NEWS' area will transform itself into more of a 'blog' where comments can be added, and the news articles can be categorized.

Thanks for the input!
Chris February 10, 2013
When you raise funds, can you show a visual like a thermometer, for instance, to show the donation progress as individuals make their contributions? If we could see the progress rather than getting verbal reports every now and again, I think the fundraising would increase.
Colin Shaw February 10, 2013
Here are some of my thoughts (some agreements to previous suggestions)

1) A section that distinguishes when a student registered. I save all of the e-mails, but it would be nice to view this in the site itself.

2) Sync with Google/Outlook/etc calendars. I haven't uploaded all of the events for my classes yet just because it's tedious to type them all up again. I've done it once already, so it would be great to see them sync.

3) Sync or integration with other forms of social media (like twitter, facebook, etc). I could post reminders for homework or updates to the site that also appear as a feed on the class site. Students are more prone to checking their social networks than they are checking their e-mails, let alone the class website.

4) Assignments attached to student profiles. Once a student has registered for the class, any assignment posted is uploaded to their profile. Reminders can be set up to notify students a day, two days, etc. before an assignment is due or (unfortunately) past due. If the assignment has to be completed on the site itself (say, upload a document or post to the message board) it can update the site as completed and remove notifications. Or a student can check off manually that they completed it if it is submitted in class, which can then send a notification to the teacher to verify if it has been submitted (just in case if the student is clicking it just to remove the notification). This way students are given reminders in and out of class to complete assignments or turn them in if they are late.

I, too, also thank you for the use of this site. It's been pretty helpful so far and I hope it's involvement in my class continues to grow and help my students achieve.
ClassJump Reply to Colin Shaw:

Looking in to integrating with social networks, per your suggestion.

As to adding your Google Calendar to your ClassJump page, you can do with using the current version of ClassJump.

Many teachers just embed the calendar into their welcome message, which is perfect, because it will appear on your home page.

To accomplish this, edit your Welcome Message. Click the BUTTON that says SOURCE within the editor, scroll to the bottom and paste the embed code that Google provides for your calendar. Alternately, there is a button within your welcome message edit area that says 'add HTML code" and you can use this to paste the embed code from Google as well.

Here is a link to the instructions for getting Google embed code.
O Mayo February 10, 2013
I teach Physics and Calculus. There are many resources that I would love to have my students go thru, such as, Gizmo's, Khan Academy to name 2. If I could post these directly a la Facebook, that would be nice.
Melissa February 10, 2013
An android and iphone app!

a place like teacherweb where you can set up quizzes for students to take online.

full on calendar spread to actually see the month planned.

a direct link to all documents, regardless of the class.
chris February 10, 2013
Is there a way to include a survey and have the results seen by all?
chris February 10, 2013
Would it be difficult to have a way to post links just for a certain class instead of having them all along the side and all of the classes mixed-up.
Eddie February 10, 2013
How about the ability to upload videos directly from our computers?
ClassJump Reply to Eddie:

ClassJump can only support embedded videos, such as those provided by YourTube or Vimeo, or any other service that provides sharing of videos. The reason for this is financial. Streaming of large video files takes up tremendous amounts of bandwidth, and bandwidth costs money. You can easily establish a YourTube or Vimeo account, upload them there and then share those here at ClassJump.
Luce February 10, 2013
I would like to be able to
1)add blocks to the right or left side for commonly used links, a calendar, document library;
2)use different fonts other than what is available;
3)show text in the calendar, like headings or topics;
upload documents (ex. pdfs) without making them downloads;
Cheryl February 10, 2013
It would be nice to know how many students and parents actually look at the teacher's site. Could a counter be included? Maybe one that is visible to the teacher only?
Marie February 10, 2013
I LOVE CLassJump and could not survive without this service. THANK YOU! I think it would be awesome if you could have an option to change font colors, size, and style within the area where I post my assignment. I don't use the calendar; rather I use the big square area to map out the whole week for students. (check it out at classjump.com/mrsbond) I always wanted to have the option to make the days of the week a different color or to be able to put "test tomorrow" in red. Just a thought....
ClassJump Reply to Marie:
Hi Marie!

Well, I have some very good news for you, as well as good news for other teachers that want to be able to change text size, insert HTML tables and so on.

The next version of ClassJump will have a very much improved text editor!

Here's a preview!

Note all the new features it will have! You'll be able to add all sorts of emoticons, colors for fonts, bigger font sizes or smaller if you wish, you'll even be able to place HTML tables within your text areas with ease! It's got a LOT, so stay tuned!
Bernice Krieger February 10, 2013
I would love to be able to post class lessons and downloadable documents directly on the period that needs that assignment.
Tonya Skinner February 10, 2013
I love this simple service. The one thing that I've noticed that bugs me at times is that previously, my uploads would be alphabetical. Now, they show up at the bottom of the page. I reuse each semester for the same classes, so if I assign something, it's hard for them to find it. I'd like to be able to go back to alphabetical again.
Shane February 11, 2013
On my site, I can't work on any of the homework or welcome pages to add or edit things. I do this stuff on my laptop which uses windows 8, is classjump not compatible with windows 8?
Linda Song February 11, 2013
Thank you for your site! Like many schools, our teachers are required to maintain a class website. I was dreading the work involved, but Classjump made it so easy! I've talked about it with colleagues and my principal and they are interested too.

I like your share idea. My coworker and I also team up for many assignments and it would be convenient being able to share without having to duplicate the work.
Alex February 11, 2013
If there was a way to have the text messaging/emailing idea similar to remind101.com that would be awesome: somehow combine the two services that I use (both free, thankfully!) that would be wonderful!
Thanks for everything!! I love classjump!
Eric Metzner February 11, 2013
THANK YOU for this vital service! My school uses this site for my 8 classes of freshman students who are ninth graders. We appreciate each and every day that we have access of this site!
Please consider more handles to move page content around and add some type of dynamic HTML coding abilities (unless that takes up too much server space and coding issues on the server side).
Kristen February 11, 2013
Thank you for this - I have loved using the site this year. I am using it for posting homework solutions etc. to help students prepare for upcoming assessments. I would love the ability to "hide" material so that I could allow students access to things when appropriate as opposed to the moment I upload something.
ClassJump Reply to Kristen:
Good news Kristen!

The 'hide' feature is coming for all! It will actually be a 'publish' and 'un-publish' option, but it will do exactly what you want!
C Maloney February 11, 2013
I just want to say that I love classjump! It allows me to do exactly what I need to do for my small class. We are a new school starting this year and it has been great for parents and me as a teacher. I too would love to see IM or even when a parent (my kids are quite a bit younger) reads the updated email that the website sends out. I think the "hidding" material thing is also good. My husband is in IT so I thank you all for your hard work! :)
ClassJump Reply to C Maloney:
C. Maloney!

See the good news above, in reply to Kristen!
Mike February 11, 2013
I really enjoy the ClassJump website. As far as upgrades, how about adding graphics to our website? School related graphics, etc.
La Neve February 11, 2013
Congratulations on the donation. I just began using this website in the fall and I love it. The parents of my primary students love the links I provide too.

Three things:

1. When I add links to the page, can they automatically be put in alpha order (so that I do not have to click "up" or "down" to do so)...

2. Can the "calendar view" be set by me as the original view when parents visit the home page and they have the option to click the list / normal view? I find that it would take a shorter time to upload the page (as I've added a lot of calendar events) if it was just set to the calendar image...

3. Please fix my welcome info. It doesn't show on the home page anymore (www.classjump.com/laneve). I've emailed a few times about it :(.

Stephen Johnson February 12, 2013
Congratulations on the well-deserved infusion of funds and energy!

Perhaps you could review the design of the current Homework Assignment function -- it could be more direct and intuitive.

Annie Warren February 12, 2013
I'm not sure if this is even plausable, but I would like to have my students and parents be able to enter a cell phone number. If I could send text messages out to my parents and students from my website without them being able to text back, that would be great.
Eileen Murphy February 12, 2013
I am an occupational therapist and I too would love to have videos placed onto the web page. I also want to thank you for this amazing web site. This site has helped me to connect with parents to provide strategies that the teachers are using and strategies that parents can use at home to help their students succeed.
Mike Treanor February 12, 2013
It would be a huge help if there was a simpler way to place photos and videos inline with text, making the calendar pages more similar to blog posts. I love what you do and hope for continued refinements!
Beth McCabe February 12, 2013
It would be great to have a way to change fonts or to add colour to entries, for emphasis or to colour code subject areas, etc.

I usually post homework on the day it is due rather than the day it is assigned. Class Jump assumes that the due date is the day after, so I'm always having to check to be sure I've changed the due date. I know a lot of people probably post on the assign date, so I'm not sure what you could do that would satisfy both groups of people.

I really like the suggestion above regarding sending text messages to cell phones without them being able to text back. That would be an excellent feature.

It would be great if when you added a download, it would show up with the title of the file you downloaded, rather than Document 1, etc.

I love Class Jump, and am so thankful it is available to me and my students. Keep up the great work!
ClassJump Reply to Beth McCabe:
Hi Beth!

See my good news reply to Marie above for info on our upcoming text editor! It's going to be great and yes, you'll be able to change colors of text, along with a lot more!

As to the names of documents, make sure to click on the name 'document 1' for example, after you upload it. You can change the name at that time.

We're 'thinking about' adding cell phones for students. There are basic privacy concerns that I have about this that I am trying to work through.
Eric February 12, 2013
Thanks for your great product!

I would like to have a settings options that would allow me to able to set the "due date" to automatically 1 day after the assignment is given and then automatically on the monday following a friday assignment.

I would also like to be able to print out a list of all the assignments I have given during the year.
Rick February 12, 2013
Thank you for this website.

1) It would be a nice simple feature to pick what class to email mass messages too. Add check boxes next to the classes so, I don't have to paste the message to each class that I want to receive message, and not check those I don't want to receive it.
2) Change layout so documents uploaded can be drag / dropped, linked faster from Gdrive.
3) Add option to password protect documents.
4) Ability to use whiteboard chat live with students in the blog sections or a ask the teacher section we could add. (to help solve problems)
Elizabeth February 13, 2013
First of all, I am so grateful for classjump.com. Our state graduation exam is now computer-based and your site has helped my students become comfortable with the paperless developments in education.

My concern is with grading. When students submit work to me for grading, their pending documents appear as a long list by date. Is it possible to have the documents stored by class period?

Mr. Z., my students wanted me to tell you that you are awesome!
Dan Fox February 13, 2013
First, thank you for making such a site available to educators and students. I had used sites such as Freeservers and 20fr for years and become disenchanted with the advertising… that grew and grew, finally blocking out the sun! Please don’t let Classjump devolve to that level.
Second, some suggestions of the kind you’re seeking:
1. Make the paste-in capability more user-friendly so that we don’t have to “fight” with the html just to make our paste-in look normal. I like the Source button; at least I can tweak a little here and there. But I would be nice to simply paste in from Word or whatever and have it load up the same way it looked on the page in the first place.
2. Ditto on early requests for more visual and video links.
3. I would like to see more visually attractive pages. One thing that struck me as particularly helpful and visually attractive would be to allow avatars to accompany buttons and links. So if you have a link to a document, there might be an option for an avatar to show up there. I thought students might associate more with visual cues like that.
4. I teach Group Communication (and other speaking and comm classes), and I thought it would be nice to allow students to create an abbreviated, student page for a certain course. So I might have four sections of the same course, with five groups in each. Each section could have a place for their team page, so to speak. Students could view one another’s pages, even compete with one another for the best-looking page.
5. Ditto on the blogger addition. Nice idea.
Maria February 13, 2013
I love your site. It would be helpful to me if students could register without a home email address. Many of my students do not have email/are not allowed to use it. I would love to be able to just sign them up for the site to use the features the rest of the class uses.
ms.v February 13, 2013
I'd like an easy printable calendar (monthly) that has each assignment (per class) on it. That way I could print a copy and put it on the board for frequently absent students to look at- Also they would be able to print and then highlight what they are missing. would love to add videos or a homework helper sections. or blog area for student questions for all students to see(email is great but I get the same questions over and over)
love this site
Donna Denny February 13, 2013
Love! Love! Love! Thanks so much!!!

I would forever be your slave, if there was an easier way to order uploaded files, move up/down is very tedious when you teach 3 courses and have a multitude of files. I think that's what La Neve (poster above) is asking for too!

Oh, I use Remind 101 for my student texts (I let parents sign up too!), no privacy problems!

Congrats on the funding and thanks again for this wonderful site!!
ClassJump Reply to Donna Denny:

Prepare yourself for indentured servitude! The upcoming version of ClassJump will move to a 'drag and drop' method for moving your files up and down. No more up and down arrows! You'll just click it and move it up or down, depending on where you want it.

Still considering the text messaging. If Remind 101 can do it, then ClassJump should be able to as well. Working on it.
Christy Fowler-Guffey February 14, 2013
I really wish the calendar would show the text of the assignment in lieu of having to click on it to view it.

Also, the process for entering assignments seems to be redundant and time-consuming. If there was a way to enter several assignments/events at once, that would be wonderful.
Clare G February 14, 2013
Thank you so much for your services! It is much easier to navigate than the service my school uses (Gaggle).

1. Have News that shows up on the page for certain classes instead of on the home page.
2. Be able to post date of quizzes/tests on the calendar. Right now, it says when it is "due" and sometimes confuses students. The wording would just need to change.

Those are the two things that I would love to see. :D
Danielle Meyer February 14, 2013
I would love to have an app for my smart phone. It a pain to have to get on my laptop in order to message students back and could be more useful if I could do it on my iphone. Right now the site is not iphoe friendly.
ClassJump Reply to Danielle Meyer:
Hi Danielle!

A ClassJump app for Android and iphone would be wonderful, I agree!

Here's the truth: The two guys who write the code that supports ClassJump.com do not have the technical skills to write applications that run on mobile devices. There, I've said it.

If you think of a mobile app as an airplane and a web site as a car, that's a useful analogy. We're very comfortable making cars, and fixing cars. On the other hand, we have no clue how to make airplanes and quite frankly don't even know how they are capable of soaring 30,000 feet above the earth.

We'd love to find a partner who would be willing to donate some programming skills to writing an app for the iphone and an app for Android (each device would require a unique app). All they would need to have are the skills to write applications, a lot of free time on their hands to donate and a sincere and abiding love of teachers. If you know such a person, tell them to get in touch!

Teresa Jackson February 14, 2013
I like to remind my students to study for an upcoming test, but if I don't indicate this is homework (which of course it's not in relationship to other homework assignments, it doesn't show as an assignment at the top and instead it gets buried with other documents which are posted on my website for students to review. I would like to have some kind of creen where I can post a reminder for something to do which would come up immediately after the student gets on the calendar section. My school provides a program for posting homework but this is so much better. Thank you for the service.
Robert Wolfe February 15, 2013
Congratulations Robert on securing a significant donation!
The ONLY problem I've encountered is the more I use classjump, the 'clunkier' it gets.
Perhaps a simple fix in the 'documents management' section would be for NEWEST uploads to default to the TOP of the list, or at least the last item in the list, if I choose "down" it would cycle back to the top.
Having the option to 'categorize' uploads is invaluable & I pray that feature will not be sacrificed when the drag & drop module becomes active. The ability to download a simple 'csv' file with an audit of the documents/classes/assignments I've loaded would be nice.
Other than that..CONGRATS again & MANY thanks for all you've done.
Juf Everts M.Sc. February 17, 2013
Some of out teachers would like to be able to password protect their homework/assigments. They would like certain type of homework or assignments not to be readily available for all to see, but would like the students to first log in and then they would see the particular homework/assignement. This is the idea like Moodle and Blackboard where you have to first log in to the class to see certain types of information.
Is that something that you can add?
ClassJump Reply to Juf Everts M.Sc.:
Ms Everts,

The biggest problem with allowing a site to be password protected is a legal one. Over the years, I've been contacted countless times by authors and publishers putting me on notice that a teacher is distributing copyrighted materials through their ClassJump site. It then falls on me to remove those infringing documents, and in some cases to remove the account of that teacher completely.

If ClassJump were to allow users to password protect a site, those copyrighted materials could be distributed in secret, and that's a legal liability that we just can't afford to risk.

While the overwhelming majority of users here are honest and law-abiding, we have to protect ourselves from the one or two who knowingly or even mistakenly distribute copyrighted content.
Cathy February 17, 2013
Congrats on the donation. ClassJump has been a great asset to my classroom. Thanks!

I have a couple of things that would be great to see.

1) I am having the exact same problem as La Neve mentioned about my Welcome disappearing. I would love to have that back. I've emailed a number of times asking for some help in restoring it.

2) When uploading a document, I would like to have the categories drop down menu be on the document page, rather than on the list of all the documents.

3) The documents list should be alphabetized, or at the very least give the user the choice to have it by uploading date or the alphabetized list. Having half the list alphabetical (from before the last major update) and the other half from the uploaded date means that I it is difficult to find documents.

Thanks for everything!
maryann zepponi February 17, 2013
Thank you for this site. It has been so useful to our teachers and families. I would like to suggest:
1. An app for Android and Apple tablets(since this seems to be the most popular)
2. That I can change the position of the News items in order of importance to me.
3. I would like to post class pictures but not for the public, only for my class parents.

Again, thank you.
T Smith February 19, 2013
1) An easier way to delete documents OR a way to hide documents from student view until I am ready.

2) A way to list links instead of having to type a word into the class description to make a link. (Like the document list, make a link list.)

3) An easier way to ORDER documents already uploaded.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! My students depend on this site. :)
AJ Dixon February 19, 2013
Thank you so much for the service you provide!

It would be amazing if students had the ability to edit uploaded documents and save within the site. Right now, if I have a fill-able document for the students to download, they have to download it, type in it, save it to their desktop, and then upload it to ClassJump. Then if we continue working on that same document, they must follow the same process: download the previously edited one, type in it, save it, and then upload it. It would provide much more flexibility and increase time efficiency if we could edit and save fill-able documents within the ClassJump site.
Preston Bradshaw February 20, 2013
I would enjoy it if I were able to have a session with my fellow students and classmates on CLASSJUMP if we needed to so that we would eb able to do our work even when not at school. And I believe that it would be much better if we would be able to customize our page. Thank you for all of your considerations and actually reading this comment. I really appreciate it and classjump is a great resource for me to use.

Dwight Preston Raiie Mykal Thomsas Bradshaw Carter Woods
KZ February 20, 2013
I would love to be able to keep my documents on the website without them being visible. That way, I could just make them invisible during the summer and keep them there to use the next year when I needed them instead of having to upload them all again.
M.L. February 21, 2013
Three suggestions:

I would love to be able to customize and personalize the site more.

It would be great if I could upload documents ahead of time and set a date for them to go online automatically. This would be for items which I absolutely don't want students accessing in advance (which is why the homework poster wouldn't work in this case).

It would be nice to have the ability to register two teachers for one class (separately). I have a student teacher and I would love for her to be able to post on my class site under her own name.
Claire T. February 21, 2013
I would love to be able to delete students more than one at a time, and same is true for the comments made on the message board.

When adding something to the calendar, it is strange to have to click on cancel in order to exit that screen.

Jared Blake February 21, 2013
Thank you for your site.

It would be wonderful if there could be:

1. A record of past activity... a list of each thing I've done to my class site. Since sometimes, I forget what I did in previous years.

2. Date of upload beside each download (maybe only visible to the teacher), so again, I know which year's version the document is.

3. Repost a news from a previous year by just changing the date, if it's the same message as previous year.

4. Message board: allowing moderation by teacher so comments don't show up until approved.

5. On front page (center section), to have a choice not to have all the courses listed (since they are already available from the side, and I sometimes don't teach all the courses I have listed).

Instead, it would be nice to have small boxes in the center that I could set up for each of the courses I'm teaching this year (usually 5)... and each box can have upcoming test date, and links to the most recent news/announcements.
Vega February 23, 2013
When adding a homework assignment and selecting the date it lasts through, it would be easier to choose a date if it was in a calendar format instead of just choosing the month and day from a drop down list.
Kelly February 23, 2013
I think it was mentioned before about catagorizing students. If they could easily change what category they were within my courses, or if they don't re-activiate themselves each year they are deleted within the system. I have students on my roster from a couple of years ago. Text alerts would be a bonus as well.
Thanks for all you do!
Adam Hoff February 23, 2013
I would love the ability to add links, pages, and categories to the side bar.

It should not be too difficult to have a toggle on each section which allows users to select if a heading or category is displayed and linked on the homepage side bar.
(ie. have homework, downloads, message board links added directly to the sidebar)
Michael Gerlach February 23, 2013
My experience has been that high school students do not check email anymore. An option for students to enter in their telephone number with the ability for me to send all or a few steudents a text to notify them that i have posted something on classjump would be helpful.
Derreck Reed February 25, 2013
I would like to see a smartphone App developed.
LIZ February 25, 2013
Classjump definitely needs a mobile app!

Chatting would be nice, but an app that allowed us to respond to messages and upload docs straight from our smartphones would be ideal. I know you don't have the manpower for this right now. I have faith you will find someone who will help you get that done.

For the kids it would be great too. They can view our messages, look up files and keep up to date with what's going on.

Also, the uploading feature would be better if like many said... things would upload in order. Ahhh the frustrations.

All in all this site is more than I could have ever wished for. I am one of the pioneers at my school using your site and many have since followed. You are all great and I appreciate all you do.

Looking forward to some great enhancements.

Margaret K February 25, 2013
Thank you for keeping this ad free! I am glad that the upgrade will have an improved editor. I am asked to train the faculty in using this web site and the editing is what drives my teachers crazy. They would like to be able to add more "pizzazz" on the home page. I would also like to be able to put a picture slide show on the home page either in the picture box or as part of the welcome. It would be helpful to also be able to put PowerPoint looping presentations on too. I can't wait to explore the improvements.
Madison Swinehart January 5, 2014
I just recently discovered classjump.com and LOVE it! I teach Marketing Education and would love to be able to have a live feed of our class twitter account on my site -- possibly under my profile picture. I also wish you could add boxes to the sides of the website to give it a little more color!

If this is possible, I would love to know how this is done! Thank you all for an awesome FREE website for teachers.
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