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posted: December 31, 1969
Welcome back to all of the returning teachers and the thousands of new teachers who have just signed up and decided to use ClassJump.com this school semester!

For teachers who are just arriving here for the first time, you may be asking yourself how ClassJump is able to provide this service at no charge,  without  putting advertisments in front of you and your students. Good question!

The answer is, ClassJump is a 501(3)C non-profit public charity, and we count on small donations, one at a time, to keep all of this here for you.

The cost to maintain our server for you, your parents and your students is exactly $650 each month. We pay our bill quarterly, in the amount of $1,950. That's $7,800 a year in total costs.

We have NO PAID STAFF. Every single penny collected goes back into paying for the web server you use and depend on.

Okay, let's do some simple math. We now have over 30,000 teachers using the site. 30,000 divided by 7,800, rounded up a wee bit is $4.00 a year per teacher, per year.

Believe it or not, nothing is actually free

Is ClassJump worth $4.00 a year to you?

As of this writing, we are short exactly $267.00 for the quarterly payment (DUE NOW, NOW, NOW) to cover the cost of the server that you are interacting with.

What happens if ClassJump.com doesn't have anough money to pay for our server?

Pretty simple answer to that question: The lights go out. We aren't here any more.

Thanks SO MUCH to the teachers who have recently donated (tax free) to the ClassJump non-profit. You are making this happen for everyone here. If you have never supported, now is the time to step forward.


Best wishes,

Robert Zimmerman
Executive Director (without pay)
Class Jump, Inc

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